Watermark on some models

Although I have a valid copy of Topaz AI v3.1.11 some of the models will only encode with a watermark which is of little value. What can I do

Firstly you posted on the Photo AI thread, I suspect it is Video AI your pushing about so I moved it.

Secondly specify what actual models and the steps you take before processing.

Sorry about that.
The main model that leaves a watermark all the time is Apollo, however at times so does Chronos. That leaves Chronos Fast which work normally all the time.
I have asked this before but will do so again. Earlier versions of Video AI were able to load avisynth (.AVS) files, can that ability please be implemented into the current versions. Thanks

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Hello and thank you for using Topaz Video AI,

We do not currently support loading .avs scripts as input files in version 3, but we are looking into the possibility of reintroducing that function in a future update.

The authentication error that causes the watermarking has been resolved in 3.2.0, so I’d recommend updating to that version and trying the same export again.

Please let me know if this resolves the error.