Visible blocky regions over video in 4K UHD retime with Apollo model

When processing a UHD Quicktime Prores video at 2x speed using the Apollo model I am encountering region blocks that are visible in the output. Blocks that are darker and lighter than the original image - see screenshot

Im on an M1 MacBook pro 2021 model running 12.2.1

Hi @scott.newman Could you share the input file with me?

Do you see these regions in the export as well?

You can securely submit your files(s) to our Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.

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Hi there

Yes, it shows up in the exported file as well.

Unfortunately I cant share the input video as Im under NDA with it. But I’ll find another video where the issue happens and send it on when I have a moment.

So far Ive had this happen on two videos - both using the Apollo model at UHD 25fps. If I scale the input source video to a 1080p version then it handles it just fine without the blocky regions happening.

Will get back to you ASAP

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Im sending you another test video via dropbox that shows the issue (sending you both input and output videos). Screenshots attached again here, as well as one with the contrast boosted to make the issue clearer.

Another issue Im having is that although I set the slow motion to 2x, Im finding that a 3sec video doesnt get retimed to 6sec as one would expect. Videos are always coming back a few frames short of the desired output duration.

@ida.topazlabs the video files have been uploaded to your dropbox

Hi Scott!

I was unable to reproduce this strangely! I also tested with all other frame interpolation models with the ProRes 422 and 4444 encoders and failed to generate these artifacts. I also do not see any difference in the export time of the input vs output. I do see that three frames are missing, the output should only be one frame short, however, we have seen other reports of multiple frames cut off.

Our team is looking into why that is occurring.

The blocky region issue is only occuring specifically with the Apollo model and UHD videos. If I use a 1080p version of the video its fine.

Ive just done an update to 3.2.6 and its still happening.

Hopefully you can get to the bottom of it

Hi Scott, yes, I tested with the input resolution and did not lower the resolution. I also used Apollo and Apollo Fast as well as the two Chronos models and was unable to reproduce this issue.

Out of curiosity, which option do you have selected for your AI Processor Topaz Video AI > Preferences?

@ida.topazlabs it is set to “Apple M1 Pro”. Ive tried switching it to “CPU” but the blocky regions still persist.

Thank you, Scott!

I am going to have my colleague take a look at this as well.

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Thank you for your patience Scott, so far we have not been able to reproduce this.

Is this still occurring with the latest build?