View at 100% shows it larger than 100%

I set the preview window to display at 100%, yet it’s displaying at a much larger size. I am using WIndows 11 on a very large 4k monitor. Threadripper Pro 3975WX and an RTX A6000 GPU. My video is standard definition VHS material, asking Topaz to upscale to 1920x1080. I know that 1920x1080 is only a quarter of my 4K monitor’s resolution, yet the image doesn’t fit on the screen. I conclude that show at 100% isn’t working correctly.

This usually means that the video preview is scaling larger according to what you have set in your Windows 11 display settings.

Sorry to argue with you - I need to scale the text, so it’s set as I need, but 100% pixel-to-pixel should ALWAYS be just that, like it is in every single other piece of video software ever made. Why would you think the video needs scaling via WIndows Display Setting? Windows Display Settings don’t scale videos from the Windows Media Player, or Adobe, or Avid, or Black Magic.
I remain with my opinion, the 100% display inside Topaz Video AI is broken.

You don’t need to argue with me. I was just explaining why this problem is occuring.

I’m not saying it should happen, I’m just saying that it is happening.


The Windows default ‘to display at more than 100%’ is a plague on more than just TVAI. Does setting it to 100% and changing the Accessibility > Text size to something bigger not do the stunt?

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