Videos produced by Video AI are rejected by YouTube (Processing abandoned)


When I upscale an AVI using Topaz Video AI and then attempt to upload the output to YouTube, it is repeatably rejected by YouTube with the message " Processing abandoned - The video could not be processed. Learn more.

I have tried it with H264 and H265 as the output file. I am using low quality level as I need the file to be around the 250 mb size.

It is upscaling from 1280x780 to 1772x1080 as part of the Video AI job.

I have reproduced this on Mac & Windows YouTube upload.

This exists whether I run Video AI on Mac 5.0.3 or Windows 5.0.1.

Has anyone else encountered this? Any ideas on how to fix?



I suspect this is because the audio codec from the AVI - ipcm, carried through into the H264 (“copied”) is incompatible with YouTube. I will “convert” to AAC in Video AI and try again.

Did changing the audio format work to resolve this issue?

Yes, changing the codec worked!