Video trial no sound, and no sound option?

Just downloaded Video AI, playing the piano . There is no sound and I don’t see anywhere to add it or edit it.

I’m using the latest trial version of the Topaz AI video enhancer (October 10, 2023) and there is NO audio when I import my .mp4 files. Everything was working perfectly for the first two days of using the software, then suddenly there is no audio for ANY of my test files.

I uninstalled the program (using REVO Uninstaller) and then re-installed it from scratch, but there is still no audio.

I really want to purchase this application, but I won’t do so until Topaz fixes this BUG!

I’m having exactly the same problem. But I’ve already made the purchase. My 1st video came out fine, and from then on I’ve had no sound. I shut down the program and tried it again, but still no sound.

In the wrong section for a start.

There is no sound on the preview, it’s not a bug.

What do you mean by, “In the wrong section for a start.”

Thank you for clarifying that there is no “bug” here.

This is the “showoff” for work done with TVAI.

The OP (months ago) was posted in the wrong category so I’ve moved the whole topic.