Video trial no sound, and no sound option?

Just downloaded Video AI, playing the piano . There is no sound and I don’t see anywhere to add it or edit it.

I’m using the latest trial version of the Topaz AI video enhancer (October 10, 2023) and there is NO audio when I import my .mp4 files. Everything was working perfectly for the first two days of using the software, then suddenly there is no audio for ANY of my test files.

I uninstalled the program (using REVO Uninstaller) and then re-installed it from scratch, but there is still no audio.

I really want to purchase this application, but I won’t do so until Topaz fixes this BUG!

I’m having exactly the same problem. But I’ve already made the purchase. My 1st video came out fine, and from then on I’ve had no sound. I shut down the program and tried it again, but still no sound.

In the wrong section for a start.

There is no sound on the preview, it’s not a bug.

What do you mean by, “In the wrong section for a start.”

Thank you for clarifying that there is no “bug” here.

This is the “showoff” for work done with TVAI.

The OP (months ago) was posted in the wrong category so I’ve moved the whole topic.

So is there a resolution to this bug? I have the same issue, and yes, the input file has sound. In fact it converted properly day-1, but since then it won’t preview or output audio.

As I stated before this is not a bug as no audio is produced during preview by design.

And on conversion? No audio by design? I doubt that. This is a bug and I wish someone from Topazlabs would address the issue.

I’ve seen countless posts here about some variation on this issue but, as I haven’t found any solutions, re-upping.

Inputting MiniDV, I get absolutely no audio whatsoever in Topaz prior to export — not even when playing the original. There’s just no audio at all. I’ve tried every container, I’ve tried every option in the export prefs, nothing changes anything. There’s simply no audio ever, at any time. Exports, however do contain the audio, but for the hundreds of hours of tape I have, not being able to hear audio in Topaz means I’d have to use another editing program to get the timecodes and then go back and match them in Topaz. A pretty big increase in workflow.

In another thread someone said they resolved the issue when they cleared out their cache and log files, so I tried that, too. Didn’t work. I’ve started and restarted the program and the computer, all the obvious stuff. No luck.

Is there any way to be able to hear the audio on the original MiniDv tapes in Topaz?

Thanks! (235.2 KB)

There has never been audio in the topaz AI preview.

For the preview, okay, but how about the original video, before it is previewed? It can’t play with sound?

If not, that’s seems to be something of a ridiculous shortcoming in the app that would be easy to fix.

When viewing videos in the app itself there is no audio playback. When a video is exported if you select Copy or Convert for the audio then it will be included with the processed export.

Thank you, Kyle.

It sure would be nice if audio was there. I work with a lot of old video and the selects are often dependent on the audio. Having to review the footage in another program and then note the time codes there is a bit of a bummer that seems like an unnecessary workflow encumbrance.

Thanks again,

No need for audio as this is a video enhancer.
It’s not an editor like Resolve etc etc
I dont want to see VEAI become a bloated jack of all trades thats 6/10 overall when it can and should be a 10/10 video enhancer.


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