Video only 4 processes the max choice on Apple M1 Ultra

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    I am only able to choose between 1 to 4 processes. I’m not sure that this is an error, but I would have thought that with a 20 core CPU, more processes would be an option? While the GPU is running pretty well maxed out, the CPU usage is light.

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If you really want to try more, I think you can just open another instance of TVAI. With the GPU being maxed out, you probably won’t get any more speed out of it though.

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Hello and thank you for using Topaz Video AI,

Processing video using AI models primarily uses your system’s GPU, so it’s expected to see much higher GPU utilization over the CPU. I’d recommend sticking to four parallel processes, which will ensure that the system doesn’t run out of video memory and cause processing errors.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

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