Video Enhance v2.6.4

Have you heard of videoINR model? Do people use it to learn? How about the effect?

VideoINR’s setup is giving me issues due to compiler and pytorch errors on Windows with the latest MSVC + anaconda as suggested. I am going to downgrade my CUDA to 10.2 from 11.x and see if that works.

In the ‘Closed issues’ section on their Github page, someone was able to supposedly get it running in Google Colab, but you will need at least a T4/P100 GPU for decent speeds on larger videos I’d expect. If I can get it working, I’ll do a 4x upscale comparison between Big Buck Bunny 480p with VEAI

Great professional! Good Job

Avast, matey! False positive despite, it took AVAST 5 hours to decide VEAI was allegedly malware?? :stuck_out_tongue: