Video Enhance v2.4.0

once you get used to that 2 step workflow you dont need many previews anymore

i do max 50 frames previews of different szenes but i dont render them to hd.
if veai crashes on .vob only, i guess there is something else wrong with your system.
as i never had this … not with an 1060, 3070 or 3090 …

i hope you dont upscale directly from the dvd drive…
and you copy the vob files to the fastest harddrive in your system first

i am using nvidia studio drivers only
and i keep my codecs always up to date with the K-Lite Codec Pack

to be honest, upscaleing dvds with an 1060 is no fun.
Thats really slow and time consuming.
Before the 3070 i had a 1060 only and i know how slow it was.

no i use always a fix value
for 1080p its 20 …
for 4k i use 25

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  1. you have a 3090, we’re happy for you, but getting a RTX today is close to impossible except if you have lot of money…
    i’m on a 750Ti gtx since the beginning waiting that the RTX price drop and come back in stock.
    Maybe it’s the same situation for gyslxho. so “to be honest”, lol, we’re aware of that…
    i’m using my cpu to use VEAI, because the 750ti freeze the whole windows due to no enough ram.
    I’m only do 500 to 1000 frames videos because it’s too slow. so i do nothing serious, and just wait for better days. i get around 3 s/frame for artemis.
    gaia is impossible to use, we’re between 8 to 15 f/s. Chronos is around 4 to 5s/frame.

  2. Vob Files are NOT videos files. it’s working on your system, great and happy for you, but it can make issue because it’s not regular video files, using them can corrupt lot of things.
    they must be converted to mpeg2. if VEAI doesn’t handle well mpeg2 (something i don’t know), the solution stay to convert to an another format.

  3. depending of the processing speed, sometimes, rendering in pictures to avoid days and days of rendering and avoid a crash,is sometimes the only solution.

  4. on openvino or my GTX (can’t tell for a 1060), the time to wait before the preview appears at first time goes between 15 to 20 seconds. the second preview is “a bit” faster,
    can’t tell for other people, but doing lot of preview ican be very … that’s why i try for now as best, to avoid doing lot of them. i could get a better result with spending lot of time on preview, but i fall asleep before lol.

the whole issue of the out of stock and price of the graphic card actually is unfortunatly a big problem. don’t know for others, but for me it is. can’t buy a 3060 at 600€/700 or more.

not even speaking about a 3090, it’s the price of two computer.

  1. using codec pack can cause sometimes problems. it’s well documented.
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I just thought to switch to a 3060 maybe when I read a comparison where my old 2070 super is even faster than the 3060. This and taking into accunt the cost of new gfx cards made me drop that idea immediatly. :neutral_face:

No matter the card, the problem is to find one with a price who doesn’t cost an Arm. I try to find a 1050ti fanless or a 1650 GTX, there is none of that. even on used market it’s very difficult, and they all sell them at an insane price, because all graphcs carte are out of stock everywhere, at the double of a price !

No matter the card, 2070, 2060, gtx, RTX, whatever, the only card in stoc, are the 710 and 730 and 1030 GTX because no body want them, except for very specific use. and they are unusable for video work.

actual price of a RTX 2070S = 1000$ to 1100$ !!! how much did you paid it ? and most of them are used coming from mining farm ! so kind of almost dead …

and RTX 3060 are between 700 and 800$

at least they are cheaper than a 2070S ! not everybody has the money to buy this ! I don’t ! and i must buy a full Fanless Full Pc Case (400$) to use one because of the fans and the installation of it is extremly difficult !!

I got my 2070S as a replacement of the 1070Ti on warranty so fortunately the 2070S cost nothing to me, but at the time when I got it I saw it offered new in the Alternate store for 600 Euro in December 2019!

there is no solution to this problem. the issue is mining farm using it and shortage of electric component. it’s just impossible to find a new card actuelly. i’ll try to put my hand on a i7-12700 or i5-12600 in early 2022, hoping that the internal iGpu (UHD graphics 770) will be a bit better than the 630. benchmark about it will only start to be released publically in 2 days. and the non K version of the 12th generation will be only available in early 2022.

for now no solution.

how about getting a MacBook with M chip? You said its almost silent and quick at the same time?

lol… you’re funny… Veai is not my life. i do plenty of other things with my Pc, it would force me to buy again most of my software, or switch to new ones, etc… it has and will never be an option.

Is there a general recommendation for core count for VEAI?

With a 4790k (4 core 8 thread) and 2080 ti, my CPU is always at 100% compared to GPU being lower.

Are there diminishing returns with more CPU cores for this type of workload?

Also does it seem that using files stored on a NAS (all ethernet hardwired no wifi) is a significant bottleneck? Does having the input file on a SSD matter ?

Would love the ability for us to properly view (including in split view) portrait videos with a “rotate” metadata flag. Happens often with portrait mode videos recorded on iphones.

I used an eGPU with AMD RX 6800 XT graphics card on my iMac, but found VEAI worked much faster in Bootcamp Windows 10 than Big Sur. It was twice as fast in Windows. Now I use an Nvidia card in the same eGPU, strictly in Windows.

Is there any news on when the next version could release approximately?
There used to be a new version every month but it’s been 3 months now since the last one was released. I hope Topaz doesn’t abandon this software. There doesn’t exist any other tool that can truly compete with VEAI. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see how much this software improves and what it will be capable of after the next 5-10 years.

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Don’t worry. I am sure the V2.6 is coming soon. :grinning:
The development team is working very hard recently.
There are 5 beta releases in last 7 days.


Like my beta friend @lhkjacky said, don’t worry, the software has never been so much in developpement (no kidding, or at least, not at this speed lol), they want to fix the maximum of issues before the 2.6 release.


I confirm that they work a lot, the last beta, version is the last normally before the final version.

Actually, we’ve never had more than maybe 2 betas before a release, so this really is a big deal.

where can we see beta releases / patch notes? Or short term goals?

2.6? skipping 2.5?

There was a beta of 2.5, but there was a dev change, and lots of bugs found, so a new round of beta testing started on 2.6. We are currently testing the 5th beta for 2.6.

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You could join the beta tester program. I don’t know where the form is located these days, but you could contact Ida.

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