Video Enhance v2.4.0

  • Processing time appears to be doubled compared to the real time.
    1080p => 4K needs only 4 hours in real time, but VEAI shows 8 hours.

  • ProRes 4444 XQ (slow) chosen, but the output video is still ProRes 422 HQ.

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Good day - Most of my models dissapeared - Theia - Artemis V1 etc ?? How to fix it? Thanks

On “File -> Manage Models” you can select your favourite models to download and unselect to delete the models that you don’t want.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I’ve just started an AI models download, and it’s frozen at around 25%…


Most of freeze during download i experienced them during the beta, not yet on the final release but this afternoon, i had many crashs … and batch import was not working sometimes during the processing/rendering, with the message “one or xx videos” not appearing.
I’ll have to check that again after doing a reboot of the computer but anybody got this ?

It starts downloading, then after less than 350Mb it stops progressing. I got tired of waiting and exited the program after waiting a long time for it to show any progress. I was downloading all of the models.


I had the same problem. The upgrade asked me to log in, unlike with other updates. I did and the BUY message went away, but after I ran some of the tutorials it lost my purchase authentication and asked me to BUY, so I had to login again.

Yeah, that’s exactly what happened here. Like you, I quit and restarted the app and can now use it. It makes me think that maybe it’s just the download display that gets frozen, and not the actual download and install of the models themselves.

Processed output video is brighter than input in VEAI 2.4.0. It doesn’t matter what output format is selected. You can see the increased brightness when rendering a preview as well. VEAI 2.3.0 doesn’t have this issue.

Topaz Video Enhance AI CRASH with 3080 TI Founders Edition.
I was trying to run Artemis LQ v10, v12, on few wersions and all crash with this message:

“Unable to run selected model. If this error persists try lowering your VRAM usage in the preferences.”

BTW i did use Low, Med and High vram and no change. When i play games like Gears 5 that uses 11GB VRAM i dont have any chashing. No game has crashed so why this software is unable to run on 3080ti FE ?

I found some topic that 3080 had problems too. heres the link

I installed NVIDIA STUDIO DRIVER 462.65 and so far 1100 frames done without crashing

why VEAI crash and not your games ? lol… because VEAI is not a game and this is a different software and work differently lol !

Anyway, the beta of 2.4.0 was not crashing (for must of us anyway, i don’t know if some had crashes), so certainly one of the dev will come here soon to investigate this issue as several of us are reporting different crash here and there.

i was trying to lower gpu and Memory clock but 3080ti FE still crashing. I have second GPU 1080TI and that one doesnt crash but it takes twice longer for it to do a frame.
Also compressing Video projects doenst crash

I found some topic that 3000 series had problems too. heres the link

I installed NVIDIA STUDIO DRIVER 462.65 and so far 1100 frames done without crashing

471.41-NVIDIA STUDIO DRIVER doesnt crash the process and see Both GPUS

yes, there is an issue somewhere certainly. sometimes, i get a blank screen (graphic issue) while doing processing yesterday and sometimes, no issue.

were you using your 3080ti with the 2.3.0 and had no crash before ?

i have checked v1.9, v2.1 and v2.4. all are crashing but i updated
to NVIDIA STUDIO DRIVER 462.65 and so far 1300 frames done without crashing

ahh so your issue is maybe not related to VEAI ! more like a driver issue. did you put back your RTX to see if the crash happen with the studio driver too ?

i have 2 gpus in system. 3080ti and 1080ti but with Studio Drivers 1080ti is not detected. With normal Driver both cards can be seen

I see. So crashing only happens with people who use 2 different GPUs or 2 different generation of GPUs. Last time was a guy with 3090 and 2080Ti in the same system, now 3080Ti and 1080Ti. Remove 1 card and reinstall the drivers might solve the problem.

i have 750ti + intel HD graphics 630 so you seems you’re right. it didn’ crashed during the beta… weird

Why with v2.4.0 I dont see Old Artemis LQ v10 ? Each updae u do make your sotfs worse and less intuitive
Version 2.1.1 is the best so far

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