Video Enhance AI v2.2.0

Download: Windows, Mac.
Released May 5, 2021.

Major Features

  • Comparison View - Preview multiple models at the same time side-by-side
  • New model selector - Switch between “Suggested” and “All” when selecting a model
  • Encode your videos with a newly added codec: ProRes 422
  • Toggle the Grain Settings on and off, so if you never use it, you never have to worry about it again


  • Moved the number of preview frames settings out from the Preferences and into the main application window for easier switching
  • Added before / after sliders to newer models to show the potential quality improvement at-a-glance
  • UI has been given a consistency pass as to look cleaner and less chaotic
  • Interface will now remember your last-used preview mode when previewing
  • Initialization of application should be slightly faster on Windows


  • Videos are no longer locked even after being closed in the application
  • Fixed issue on certain macs where Split View would not function properly
  • Updated inference backends for better performance and stability
  • Fixed preview panel bounding issue with certain video sizes and scale amounts
  • Mac menu should now properly show whether certain options are disabled or not in certain application states
  • Mac menu check marks in the preview window should now function correctly with the currently selected preview mode

The Gaia models have become extremely slow, when some VE-AI versions ago it worked a lot faster. The Gaia model should be the same, as it hasn’t been updated for a long time. It might take 5s/frame, when formerly it took 0.2-0.7s/frame.


Which version do you think Gaia was fastest in?

No new updates on models?

I think i noticed the problem first time in 2.1.1. EDIT: before that the Gaia model speed was pretty much the same. Now it seems to download models every time i try to upscale a video with the Gaia model and windows gives a notification roughly translated: “using display devices is prohibited from the app.” Artemis models for example work fine.

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No, thankfully. They were going downhill in the betas.

What’s your system? On mine (i7 7700k, RTX 2070 super, Windows 10 - 2004 with latest updates, Nvidia latest studio driver) there is no slowdown compared to versions before 2.1.1.

I have Ryzen 3950x, RTX 3090 and Windows 10 20H2

If you’re using Game drivers, it could be a problem, as the latest versions of VEAI are more compatible with Studio drivers. If not, I’m not sure.

It might be that i have something else wrong with my computer. But i was using the game drivers, i’ll try next with the studio drivers. Thanks for the help!

I’ve heard many reports of people switching to studio drivers and solving their problems with 30 series. Wish you success.

Installing the studio drivers fixed the issue. Thank you!

Does anyone know if the memory (VRAM) issue still with the new Nvidia drivers on this release? I’ve a RTX 3090 with an i9-10900K and the performance still very low.

Anyway, after Nvidia’s releases of Resize BAR + firm + driver updates VEIA 2.1.1 doesn’t work

can’t speak for 3090, but my 3080 never uses more than about 6gb of vram, and about 50% gpu usage regardless of AI model, or input/output resolution. I’m on the latest windows version and latest studio drivers fwiw, no resize BAR for me yet.

Can you tell me/us when the Gaia-GC model gets an update.

We’ve been stuck on v5 (officially) for a long time.
I know you can edit the .json file to v6 but that “fix” is also quite old at this point.

Is there a v7 in the making? I would really like to know. Thanks!


You probably don’t want to hear this, but they tried and failed to improve Gaia. From v1.0.1, v2, v3, v4, v5 to unreleased v6. That’s already a lot of time wasted. A lot of people still prefer the original Gaia that didn’t even have a version number.

Thanks for your reply.
In my opinion v6 is way better then v5.

My hope was that v7 would be even better.
Thats too bad I guess… :frowning:

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v6 is closer to the original Gaia CG, but no cigar. :blush:

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Glad to hear it!

If you are using game drivers, switching to new studio drivers seems to be the fix for many Nvidia 30 series ailments with VEAI.