Video Enhance AI v2.1.1

dont know where or how you got Gaia HQ6

i started with the official veai v1.8.0 in dec2020 and since then gaiaV6 never showed up “officialy”

i remember it came once with a beta …as fast as it disappeared with the next beta.
So in the beginning i used it, thinking its the successor of Gaia HQ5.
But i never saw any “better” results from V6
So i compared the V5 and V6 with a bit by bit comparing tool what showed minimal differences just in one or two script lines. Even the different filesizes were just a handfull of bytes. V5 vs V6.

So i decided to delete it.

IMHO everyone should just ignore that V6 exists… as it has no value, yet
until it is officialy developed and released some day…

maybe some oldshool veai pros proof me wrong, but V6 is something like a “mystical secret”
to me, popping up every once in a while on this forum …

Gaia v6 models have been abandoned for months I believe. So people should not use those incomplete models.

Not really a secret, never official but always available and still is. For example put this in a browser:

Basically all you have to do is make a copy of gaia-cg-5.json and name the copy gaia-cg-6.json, then open it in a text editor and change the second line “version”: “5”, to “version”: “6”,

Save and it will show up in VEAI and download models as needed.

I’ve moved on from Gaia entirely, but I never argue with anyone who wants to experiment. Nothing will ever replace the old CG from 1.6.1; my understanding is that the code for that was lost or something.

Chase 25th of March has described how to reach GAIA CG v6. I also wonder if it is safe to change from v5 and if I gain any quality …

You can have both Gaia-CG v5 and v6 models at the same time.

From the tests I’ve run Gaia-CG v6 looks much better but covers everything with an annoying (moire pattern? not sure the technical term). If they fix the bug with the pattern it’d be an improvement over v5.

And I couldn’t spot any difference between Gaia-HQ v5 or v6.

As an FYI
2.2.1 will run on a
Mac 10.14.6,
2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon,
Radeon RX 590 8 GB.
It seems to work much better regarding the interface than 2.2.0.

But it is still pretty much ignoring the GPU. It appears only the CPU is being used. sigh

Hopefully this will eventually be fixed.

Hence it seems it is not worth using if such moire pattern is produced. Thank you for the information.

Those artifacts are preventing me from using Gaia v6 models. I really hope that they would consider develop more Gaia models because they have the best quality compared to Artemis right now. Unless Artemis models are fixed, I will stick with Gaia models then.

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I see. I think Artemis models can be used for noise removal in step upscaling.

They also remove details which is a kinda bad.

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I have to scrutinize the files I have uploaded recently, for instance GCG x1 upscaling vs a few step approach. How you looked at them?

Any news on newer driver support?

Gaia CG v6 models react quite a bit more on deblocking/deringing, and also sharpening the necessary (well, usual) details - I’ve tested it on really old animation “Dungeons&Dragons” with CG v6 variant - it certainly won with v5 - much more detailing where it belonged. But it was before Artemis v12, v13 was introduced. 360p treated straight to 1080p - risky, I know.

Gaia CG v6 wins.

“Artemis’es” don’t fare well with these blocky suns:

That scene also shows, that sometimes Artemis gives nice results, but in overall - Gaia CG6 wins, again, I think.



If you like SVP, you would love Flowframes (RIFE). Simple to install, just as fast and much cleaner frame interpolation.


It uses GPU in Catalina and Big Sur. 10.14.x will probably never support GPU, it doesn’t have the resources needed by VEAI.

Could you do a test on my file attached via WeTransfer? Please upscale it 2x and 4x if no problem and attach these two files here. Thank you.

Does RIFE give more fluid footage? Which version do you use? I have found " The free version is currently 1.23.4." and what about paid (how much) newer one? In fact, I have a small number 1024x720p 15 fps clips (pity, now with AI-based interpolation) I could get better looking final output than my 640x480p 30 fps clips (if I am not wrong).

RIFE is quite fluid and almost no artifacts with good quality video. I’ve only used the free version so far. For noisy video, I suggest doing a VEAI 100% denoise/deblock first with the model of your choice. My process is usually 1. VEAI 100% denoise/deblock, 2. Flowframes 2x interpolation, scene detection on, frame deduplication off unless required, 3. VEAI upscale.

Hi all,

A new version has been released. You can view the release thread here.

Thank you!