Video Enhance AI v2.0.0

Download: Windows, Mac
Released February 24, 2021.

Major Features

  • Two new model updates: Artemis v11, and Dione v2
  • Artemis LQ and MQ v11 evolve from Artemis v10 with added ability to handle over-sharpening artifacts in medium or low-quality progressive input videos
  • Dione TV and TD v2 are enhanced from v1 that also remove over-sharpening artifacts in medium or low quality interlaced input videos
  • UI has been updated and overhauled to provide for a better experience


  • Menu toolbar has been added on Mac
  • When multiple videos are selected, settings in the right panel now apply to all selected videos
  • Able to open videos in their containing folder when videos are done processing
  • Model parameters and post process settings have been changed to sliders to provide for better fine-tuning
  • Reset Settings button has been added
  • Output FPS has been added to the footer at the bottom of the program
  • Reset Trim button has been added to the scrubbing toolbar

Having trouble enhancing a particular video? Upload a snippet of the video and here and we’ll take a look. Please also reply to this thread with an explanation of the errant behavior. Thanks!


Guys, does somebody know any hourly gpu providers online? I want to use veai but my home videocard is bad

I wonder if there will be a calculation of possible size of file.
And if audio for more than 2 channels cannot be process, just copy without modifications like dvdfab do?
And if H265 als is a option than only H264? The hardware support is there for AMD/intel/nvidia


would love for you to add back drag and drop functionality to the new UI. that was really convenient. also looks like the FPS counter no longer shows for previews and only shows when processing. would love to have that back as well.


+1 for adding 265 support


Drag and drop currently doesn’t work when launching from the installer, it should work when launching the application normally though. If it isn’t let me know and I’ll take a look. Thanks!

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I haven’t dug into it yet but I believe the reason we haven’t added support for H265 is because of licensing issues with the codec. I might be wrong though and need to dig into it further.

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Would love to have H265 support! for every video created with VEAI, I now use ffmpeg to reduce its size. I think by default -crf is set to 28, if you reduce it (I use 15 or 20 depending on the video), you get less compression but also bigger file size.

here is an example of the script I use on Windows (requires NDIVIA):

for %%i in (.) do ffmpeg -i “%%i” -vcodec hevc_nvenc -acodec copy -scodec copy -map 0:v -map 0:a? -map 0:s? -crf 20 “%%i-hevc.mkv”

and on Mac:

for f in *; do ffmpeg -i $f -vcodec libx265 -acodec copy -scodec copy -map 0:v -map 0:a? -map 0:s? -crf 15 “$f-hevc.mkv"

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Topaz previously indicated that H265 would slow down processing too much.

EDIT: This is meant to be a reply to one of your other posts. This happens sometimes in this forum, not sure why.


Wasn’t this always possible? Or, am I misunderstanding?

I hope that in the next version, audio sync is fixed when deinterlacing ( doubling fps ). And an option to detelecine / remove 3:2 pulldown. :slight_smile:


Can you please make the Video Quality for H264 encoding a Bitrate, and get away from using the quality factor? I really just want to know what the output bitrate is.


quality factor?

i guess you mean the compression factor

i can tell that for me a comp factor of

18 is best for 1080p
21 is best for 4k/uhd/2160p

you need to test with different resolutions and compression factors…

maybe we can help ya processing some video files? :slight_smile:

You never corrected the change log notes in the beta forum, and you reproduced the error here on release as well.

The following:

“Artemis MQ and HQ v11 evolve from Artemis v10”

Should read:

“Artemis LQ and MQ v11 evolve from Artemis v10”

Artemis HQ 11 is mostly the same as Artemis HQ 10. It’s gotten more training, so can produce slightly more detail. It does not have the ability to correct over sharpening like Artemis LQ 11 and MQ 11.

Edit - Updated finally! :yum:

Uploaded 2 files for your review.

  1. The Black Hole.mkv. Video stutters (some frames replicated) with 2.00x amq-11 and many other models I have tried.
  2. Soul Hunters.mkv. Video (interlaced) is distorted when using 2.00x dtd-2 (other Dione models are better but dtd-2 produces the highest quality)

Original files were .mp4, snippets saved as .mkv using AVIDemux 2.7 on mac. Original files have the same issues.

I can provide other sections/examples if you need.

Thanks in advance !

This is fantastic, thank you domdom! These samples are super helpful. If you have other examples as well, those would be great to look at too.

There is an issue with this version that also appeared in the beta version before: On some videos the application freezes for around 30 sec up to a minute all few frames before it continues as usual only to freeze again some frames later. In an attempt it froze at frame 43, 140, 164, 188, 308. In the beta the windows sand clock appeared during freeze which does not show up in the final release, but in both cases the Windows task manager says the application is currently not responding and it is in fact not responding when I press the cancel processing button or anything during freeze.

Happy to help! Uploaded another one that should be “easy” to work on (thunderbirds edit.mkv - going way down on the rotten tomato score sorry). Scrolling text (credits) stutters when enhanced with amq-11 2x (the whole movie will stutter I’m thinking it might be easier for you to debug on simple frames). I suspect same type of trouble with frame rate.

There are many sequences in Babylon 5 that have issues during panning sequences, I’ll try to upload a few later this week


I’m somewhat amazed that you released this with the extreme unresponsiveness of window paints. This was never an issue in prior versions, and it is unclear what, in the GUI update, introduced this behavior. Change from a normal window to full screen should be nearly instantaneous, not take seconds!