Video Enhance AI v1.8.0

Download: Windows, Mac. Released December 16, 2020.

Major features

  • Denoise and sharpen video. The new Artemis v9 MQ and LQ models can enhance and upscale low-quality videos with high noise or severe compression artifacts.
  • Improved motion consistency. All new Artemis v9 models produce smooth video output with much less detail flicker.
  • Anti-aliasing. A new Artemis v9 AA model is added to reduce moire pattern or “moving rainbow” which appears in some DLSR or drone cameras.
  • Speed improvement for Intel CPU/iGPU.
  • Big Sur support for (Intel CPU) Mac.


  • mp4/mov output stability.
  • Warning msg for the unsupported audio format. (Only support mono or stereo audio input to encode in output videos)


  • Block pattern problem in some output videos
  • Broken -scale -w -ht command-line options
  • Default output filename bugs.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Installed this version, but when I add a video, the drop down of AI models to use is blank?

I’ll pm you, we can take a look

What’s the best way to update? I don’t see a “check for updates” option in the software. Do we uninstall, download and reinstall, or will the installer take care of it if we just install over the old version?

I’m also receiving this issue with no models, just a combo box with no items in it.

I didn’t even do the update, and I’m not seeing any models. I started the installer but quit at the screen where you select an installation folder.

The people with no models are you on mac or windows?

Can you confirm you are installing on the same user account you are installing on? If not, you will need to uninstall from where it is right now, then install on the account you intend to use it on (even if it isn’t an admin account)

I’ve been able to resolve the “no models” issue. It’s a problem with the installer. I ran the 1.80 update that was posted yesterday it installed fine. I then ran the update that was posted a bit ago, and had no models.

I found that there is a registry key:

modelDirPath=C:\Users<yourusername>\AppData\Roaming\Topaz Labs LLC\Video Enhance AI\models

The models folder doesn’t exist. I created it and moved all the files (not folders!) from

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Topaz Labs LLC\Video Enhance AI
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Topaz Labs LLC\Video Enhance AI\models

And my models are back.


I just updated the links on this page to point to the latest, can you retry using the links on this page?

The installer I used was downloaded maybe an hour ago. I used the one downloaded from this page (not the one from yesterday that appears to have jumped the gun a bit!). I just re-downloaded it and compared it to the EXE I used to do the install with, and its the same file:

C:\temp> fc.exe .\VideoEnhanceAI-1.8.0-windows-installer.exe '.\VideoEnhanceAI-1.8.0-windows-installer (1).exe'
Comparing files .\VideoEnhanceAI-1.8.0-windows-installer.exe and .\VIDEOENHANCEAI-1.8.0-WINDOWS-INSTALLER (1).EXE
FC: no differences encountered

You need this link:

These forums make it damn near impossible to have a discussion… I can’t tell who you’re talking to or what – but if that was to me, then that is the installer I have and used. After using that installer, I had no models. I had to create the model directory and move the models (maybe just needed the json?) into that folder and all was good.

This is the link that you need:

If your stuff is working now, that will work, you can leave it like that, :slight_smile: No need to use this installer,

Why 1.8.0 or 1.7.1 renders very fast model preview, but when I click to process the whole file it is stuck at initializing? I see GPU takes like 30% of resources, but it is endless. I waited 30 min to see if it starts to process file and it did not. What is the problem?
I have Windows 10, the latest updates, the latest NVidia driver from yesterday, 3060 Ti GPU.
Developer, please help.

The latest Artemis LQ is fascinating. It looks like it works better than GaiaHQ. Will there be an update to GaiaHQ like it happened with Artemis?

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Sorry if this has been discussed already but why can’t the audio simply copy over instead of having to encode at all? Are there any plans to provide additional audio specific tweaking?

Still can’t output mov format by using the command line?

If you open a ticket at and send us some file logs that will help us a lot

Steps are:

  1. Open the app
  2. Help -> Enable File Logging
  3. Help -> Open File Logging
  4. Attach to ticket