Video Enhance AI v1.7.0

to me gaia looked blurrier in 1.7 compared to 1.7.1 and 1.6.1. 1.7.1 so far has been the most improved for me. i still want the speed to be faster than what it is but quality must be good too.

1.7 sucks because it was blurry buggy and messed up audio but 1.7.1 is better, there is one issue with 1.7.1 i noticed. at the bottom of videos there is like a static line at the bottom of the video, they need to fix that. other than that, its been the clearest version so far. i dont use gaia cg unless its an animation. i use mainly gaia hq or artemis lq. so i dont know how to do any scripting like many in here that know avi synth and ffnmpeg. so i use mainly vegas, handbrake and VEIA. i first find the highest source of a file i can find. it depends on how good the video is. if the video is already good, then i downconvert it using placebo settings in handbrake to 360p. I do placebo so that it looks high quality in the smallest format so that i can scale 1200 percent to 8k in VEIA. believe it or not you can get a 1080p file downconverted to 360p to look almost hd but still be 360p by going placebo and making the 360p file with high bitrate, its totally useless file size lol but it keeps a lot of the detail. now if the source needs fixing like the video was dull and not vibrant and is noisy, first ill keep the file in its original format, and do placebo settings, and i use the strongest denoiser and deblocking, ill select deinterlace and then i convert it to same frames as original video. then i put the file in vegas ill add saturation and mess with the contrast, then i use smart upscale to 4k in vegas and render it lossless. then i take the vegas file put it in handbrake and downconvert to 360p placebo, then i put it in VEAI scaling to 8k. If the first pass is good i keep it but if its not sharp enough, then i downconvert the 8k file in handbrake to 360p again using placebo lossless, and then reconvert a 2nd time to 8k. in some situations i have even done 3 passes. this is a video i did 3 passes on - . the original source was poor to begin with at 360p. this conversion i did is the highest quality of this particular video that exists.

I have similar system and am getting terrible (broken) results doing 1080p to 4K:
Ryzen 3700x, 32GB DDR 3600, EVGA 2060KO
Topaz VAIE v1.7.1
HD------- AHQ-8------- 7.53spf
HD------- ALQ-8------- 7.63spf
And DVD to 1080p
DVD------- ALQ-8------- 1.07spf
DVD------- AHQ-8------- 1.09spf

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