Video Enhance AI v1.6.1

Is VEAI development stalling? There has been no updates for over a month.

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I am also a beta tester, but I did not have this version. In fact I just have access to the ones posted here. Where should I be able to find her?

On the Facebook Beta page.

Will overclocking a GPU like the GTX 1660s reduce elaboration time?

Alpha testing is separate from beta. I filled out a form in the VEAI beta Facebook group some time ago, I’m not sure if they are accepting any more alpha testers. You can still join the FB group to get beta versions, if you haven’t already.

Thank You for the answer :slight_smile:


But why the beta page created last may on this forum has been closed. Beta testing forum and testers should be more relevant here than in some Facebook page.


No software is “a CSI movie”, but your tool can sometimes improve upon the end results from the two industry standards (VideoCleaner and Amped FIVE). If it would help, I can provide dozens or hundreds of real-world forensic videos to expand your training data. Please do not exclude, or underestimate, the value that your tool can add to the forensic community. As for forensic validity, that will be handled by me and my peers, as we will perform the required peer review analysis on your software’s results.

I agree 100%. Unfortunately, it is the way it is. Perhaps Topaz wanted wide exposure for VEAI, which apparently they got with over 1.5k members in the beta group.

The irony is I am a member of the video beta testing group here from the very first version that was using Adobe After effects but couldn’t really commit to it because I didn’t have an Adobe CC licence for AE and only could test it with a trial of 7 days. And now I can"t still be part of the Beta group because I don’t have any Facebook account.

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Just open a Facebook account for that purpose.

This is off topic but what’s drama/movie is that from?

Summer Scent 2003


I have overclocked my RTX card but it makes very little difference in speed, maybe 2 or 3%. However I have another speed tip, might be worth a try. Turning off Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in Windows 10 (2004) speeds up VEAI by approx. 8%, at least in my case. It’s not on by default but I had turned it on a while ago thinking it would speed things up. It did the opposite as far as VEAI goes.

So VapourSynth and QTGMC are really only necessary if you’re working with interlaced footage? Is there any benefit to using them with low quality progressive source material?

There is because very often old low quality progressive sources come from interlaced footage that has been poorly deinterlaced.

I have a crazy number of videos which has been encoded in progressive without being de-interlaced, or badly done, you think we can correct a bit that ? (i use QTGMC with Staxrip, and it work amazingly well but i only used it so far with Mpeg2 or Avi interlaced

Of course InputType=2 is meant for that in QTGMC.