Video Enhance AI 1.2.0 doesn't work

Hi! First sorry for my bad english. Since 1.2.0 update the program stopped working in my rig. Every time I try to render a video I get a AI engine failure even if I set the AI resources demand option to 20% (minimum) my vram fills up and shows the error. Anyone has troubles with 1.2.0? I’m the only one?

I have a 2070 super 8gb and last drivers from nvidia. The previous version worked perfectly and now I can’t roll back to 1.1.1. Thank you.

Good Afternoon!

We are currently working on a fix for that. Here is a link to roll back:

v1.2.0 will be ready for release in about a week.

Thank you!

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Sounds great!

Are there release notes for it?

I got the same problem, but managed to work by restarting my PC, but encoding speed in this build is obnoxious. I was getting stable ~1 FPS before with 1.1.0 (with HQ) now I’m getting between 6 to 10 seconds per frame (with Gaia-HQ), it actually started as 1 FPS but performance diminishes as the encode goes as if it’s building up or something, I don’t know. I too have a RTX 2070.
Right now I’m trying a Artemis-HQ pass just to see if the same thing happens, but I’m already sad at results. Image quality is really bad (it seems it passes a filter over the image - thus diminishing details instead of sharpening edges and giving more detail -, and makes colors more bright and that’s all - oh, let’s not forget the noise it adds) and encode speed is already slower at 1.64 Seconds per frame from beginning. I’m waiting to see if it happes the same as with the Gaia-HQ where speed gets worse as the encode goes.
After this try I’m too rolling back to 1.1

Even though with Artemis-HQ is not as bad, can confirm same thing is happening. Although the app says it’s at 1.64 seconds per frame it is already taking around 5 seconds to each frame after ~30 minutes