Video AI never starts processing previews or exports

When I try to create a preview or do an export in Video AI, nothing happens. The queue simply doesn’t start. CPU activity for Video AI remains at around 5% and GPU remains at around 3%.

When I first tried to use it today, it did start creating a preview, but it never finished. However, since then it has completely refused to do any more, no matter how many times I try to clear the queue and start again, or how many times I close and restart the application.

How can I get Video AI to do what it is made to do?

I have now discovered that things do in the end get processed, but just incredibly slowly. For instance an upscale and enhancement of 5 s of video from 1080p to 2160p took over 49 minutes. And as I have already said, the CPU and GPU usage remained minimal throughout the process. Also, the information from the application about what was going on was ambiguous and confusing and, frankly, made no sense to me. Surely the idea should be that the processors should be working flat out and the cooling fans should be screaming when any kind of rendering job like this is being done?

I am on Video AI version 4.0.9 (the latest I am licensed for). (I am using the application for the first time in probably over 2 years. This is therefore the first time that I have used version 4.0.9.)

Intel Macbook Pro
2.3GHz 8-core i9
Radeon Pro 5500M 4GB
Intel UHD graphics 630 1536MB
16GB 2667 MHz DDR4
MacOS 14.5

Logs: (87.7 KB)

There is a known issue that the dev team is trying to work with Apple to resolve that effects users on Intel based Macs using the ADM Radeon cards.

Try lowering the Max Memory % to 50% and turn on the low power mode option in the Preferences and see if that helps.

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