Video AI dropping frames

Hello participants,
I am doing some scanned motion film restoration and part of the pipeline involves using Video AI to de-noise, sharpen and de-block video files. Because I live in a PAL part of the world I am in-puting and out-puting 25 fps. Video AI is dropping the last two frame of the file. Any ideas why?


Could I take a look at the app’s log files from these exports? We’re currently looking into some issues with certain codecs cutting off the last frame or two frames.

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging and make sure that there is a check mark next to File Logging. Next, recreate the issue and then return to the Help menu and select > Get Logs for Support and attach the zip file to your reply.

Hello Topaz Labs,

Alright I can do that, but I am compositing and film restoring at the moment.

I will recreate the clip out put with two dropped end frames and return the logs.

For the moment does it help if I say it appears it is only scanned film files making this error, not video files?


Hello Tony,

I hope this log helps you, and I.


logsForSupport.tar.gz (309 KB)

Hi, I wanted to jump in here to add more info. As of the latest update I am now missing 3 frames, just from upscaling only, no interpolation. This seems very strange. I tried the Proteus and also Theia models and both yielded a 453 frame output from a 456 frame input. When using “match starting frame number” it appears to have cut out one frame from the beginning and two from the end. Input and output are both PNG 16 images.

logsForSupport.tar.gz (32.5 KB)

Adam, I have found frame dropping in the latest iteration of Video AI only seems to occur on scanned film, not motion files made on video. I experimented adding a few frames to the frame count shown in Video AI and it drops one frame less. Obviously this is not an answer to the problem, especially if the clip doesn’t have “handles” that will later be trimmed by an editor.

I spoke too soon. Video AI is dropping end frames on both scanned analogue film and video when Proteus - Fine-Tune/ Enhance model is selected. Topaz Labs please repair this error ASAP. I like many other of your customers use this app daily in a digital motion workflow.

I am losing 2 frames at the end of my ProRes videos reliably.
Please fix this. Thanks.

Hi Dan,

Could you try the same file export but with previews disabled in the app preferences? Our developers are currently looking into a bug specific to ProRes files being cut off when previews are enabled:

Thanks for responding. It’s nice to know there are people working on this issue.

I turned off the export preview in “settings” and it did not solve my issue of dropping a frame or two at the end of the ProPres source.

For now I must put handles on anything I send through your software.

Hi there,

Is anyone else having issues with TOPAZ Video trimming the last 1 or 2 frames from each clip?

I’ve exported a bunch of clips which were a bit too noisy for my liking, so I’ve exported at same frame size, frame rate and exported with the Artemis - Denoise setting. It’s done a decent job, however when I am bringing them onto my timeline to replace my current clips I am noticing that all the enhanced clips are now 1 or 2 frames shorter than the source clip.

Using Mac Studio with latest versions of TOPAZ AI and Premiere Pro.

Anyone else have this issue?



Our team is currently looking into issues related to frames being cut off with certain export formats. This can be temporarily resolved by disabling Video Previews in the app preferences:

I recently took an update to Video AI (v.3.2.9) and thought this would fix the app’s recent dropping of end frames. However the Stabilization parameter still drops the last two frames.

Hi there, which encoder are you using?

Hello Ida,

I’m guessing you’re asking what settings or parameters I use when processing and outputting stabilised clips from TL’ Video AI?

Please see below a screen grab of a scanned 8mm clip output at 2.5K. I also work in FHD/ 25fps, 2K/ 25fps, 4K/ 25fps.

As with TL’ Video AI, when in After Effects and Premier Pro my editor and I work with ProRes 4444 files, unless circumstances require compressed versions of these files.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


Peter Solomon

Hi Peter, this is occurring due to using the ProRes encoder. This is an issue we are investigating.

I moved your post to the related thread for follow-up.

You can turn off preview in the meantime which should resolve this :slight_smile:

Turning off the Preview doesn’t resolve the issue. Currently the only way to avoid loss of frames is to add handles to a clip, then process in Video AI.

When will this error be corrected? Currently I cannot use Topaz Labs’ Video AI because I input and output QuickTime PRORES files.

I have tried adding handles to clips before applying filters and rendering in your app’, but the time needed to do this, coupled with the later removal of the handles and re-syncing is counter productive to productivity.

Customers have experienced the frame dropping error for a month or more now. Please fix it ASAP.


We’ve just built a new beta version of Video AI available now that should resolve this issue.



If everything goes as planned, this fix will be made public on Tuesday for our 3.3.2 stable release.