Video AI doesn't work properly

After closing down the window to the taskbar, Video AI starts working very slow. By opening it up again, it speeds up. Could provide a screenshot done with ARGUS showing the issue, if needed.

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I’ve seen this exact claim by several people now. What source and output resolution are you using, and what model?
I did a test: Ran a 900 frame preview with it minimized. 480p to 1080p, using Proteus Auto. Took 2 minutes 10 seconds. Ignore this one because the first run is usually slower.
Deleted the preview.
Ran it again, it took about 1 minute 50 seconds.
Deleted the preview.
Ran it again minimized because of cache reasons, it took about the same 1 minute 50 seconds.

Conclusion: I saw no speed difference in running it minimized or not. The CPU did work harder while it was not minimized. Probably from all the GUI tasks. I know viewing the preview as it’s processing increases the work load by a not small amount.

Saw it yesterday while upscaling an 18 min documentary to 4k with Proteus Auto. Window was minimized after starting. When opening up later, the remaining time showed 13h 40min and then went down in a few seconds to about 11h. Later on a smaller file the same: rem. time jumping from 9 min to about 5 min after opening the window. On ARGUS I could see sudden huge increase of processing then (see shot).

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This issue should be solved soon. I think the latest beta made a difference here.

Looking at your CPU temps cores 5-8 hitting 98C is probably causing thermal throttling which is inevitably causing a bottleneck as processer speeds are dropped until they cool down. Hence the time to finish will go up and down dramatically…

Invest in some better cooling or lower clock speeds. Alternatively re-apply some better cooling paste it looks like it either wasn’t applied correctly or you have a bad chip.

Thanks for this, but no problem here with heating up. The machine was custom built for pro video purposes last fall and can handle all this. We’re running ARGUS controlling all fans inside. As soon as I saw processing speeding up like that after maximizing the window, I switched all seven (!) fans inside to max. and the heat curves went down at once. The only problem is Video AI turning processor speed up and down with the window.

We reported this incident already last January to Topaz Labs…

Honestly it looks exactly like your CPU is overheating. Install HWinfo and keep an eye on the row for thermal throttling If any of these rows turns to Yes it’s overheating. Your CPU can overheat no matter what it is built for. I have a gaming rig, the CPU is old-ish and I had to turn the clocks down when the ambient temperature hit 32C as my CPU was hitting high nineties. The fact that you have such a high temperature differential between cores shows something is not sitting right. There shouldn’t be more than a few degrees difference between cores UNLESS you have a bad chip or your cooler isn’t fitted correctly. The thermal throttling is exactly what you would see and affect your times. As the CPU gets hot it hits a point where it throttles back and will stay there until it cools, then it will go back to turbo mode and ramp up again and so on.

Run an instance of VEAI with HWInfo open to the side. I’m almost sure you’ll see a problem.

Is this happening on an Intel 12th or 13th gen CPU?


This should be resolved in today’s 3.4 release, the issue is related to the use of P and E cores in Intel’s newer CPUs.

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Many, many thanks!!! :+1:

You could also deactivate the E-cores in your BIOS to test if that helps!

I didn’t even think about P and E cores. I’ve been using the CLI, so I thought that might have been part of why I’ve never seen this issue. Turns out it’s my AMD CPU.

Thanks, this sounds interesting. I’ll pass it on to the guys who customized my system
last fall. In fact they are experienced in building gaming stations and might understand what’s going on here… :+1: