Video AI benchmarks on new AMD graphics card

Now that new AMD graphics card review has been published. The Linus video review benchmark showed both 7900xt and 7900xtx beating 4090 for video processing. I know recently topaz had added NVIDIA optimization on their update. Has it still not made any difference on NVIDIA performance? I am in the market for graphics card for both productivity suites like topaz video AI, premier pro and games. I don’t know if i should go for new NVIDIA or AMD cards. What do you guys suggest would be best course of action for me.


Wut? Linus did this? wow i didn’t watch it.

But yea i was right RDNA3 is faster, but only by 10%.

But RDNA2 seems like a keeper.

I think RDNA3 will get better in future by like 10%, ending @ 20% faster with driver optimisation.

Thanks for showing.

yeah seems like that but since i dont have RDNA2 card i am looking for either going for newer gen NVIDIA or AMD cards. Still dont know what team i should go for. I have 5900x as my processor.

At the moment I would wait.

Until February, to see what will change in the software.

It would have been better if Linus tested it with Gaia model.

(Gaia model uses the GPU mainly)

And I wonder If he tested with latest TEVA version.

After version 3.0.x, some benchmark shows Nvidia GPU overwhelming AMD GPU.