Video AI 5 preview crashes

Video AI 5 crashes when previewing
CHUDY_MacBook_Pro.spx (9.5 MB) (151.7 KB)

Are you seeing this with only one input video or several?

Not wise to publish your phone number in the public domain.

Hi, it happens randomly with one or several inputs when I play the preview as a loop. Moreover, It happens more systematically when “motion deblur” is on (but not only).

Just upgraded to Video AI 5 from 4 - not more than 10 minutes of usage and I’m getting consistent crashing at the end of 5 second previews. On a M1 Max MacBookPro running Sonoma.

can you share your logs or open a ticket with the support team and send them?

Have you updated to any of the newer releases of V5 and are still seeing these issues? Trying to get more logs and info to source out the issue as several Mac users are seeing some similar but slightly different issues since upgrading to v5.