Video AI 3.5.4. Producing More Accurate Skin Colour and Detail than 4.2.2

I have been using version 3.5.4. for some time as it is the last version that I was happiest with. I recently decided to try 4.2.2. and thought I would share my results.

My biggest concern with the versions post 3.5.4. including 4.2.2. is that Video AI changes skin colour and softens skin detail. Where the original video has little skin detail to start with I want to retain or enhance what little detail I have. Presently 3.5.4. is still doing that better than the newest version.

I would love to see colours maintained and improved skin detail in future versions.

I am using Mac Studio 2022 M1 Max. (353.9 KB)

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I think sadly, Topaz still does not support proper color management, which is a huge issue for many professional workflows and enthusiasts who care about color constancy. Its been like this since version 1.0. From what I was able to understand, like all AI its database + statistical algorithms, and so it averages the color and tone to be well… average… which may or may not be what user wants, but it definitely changes the color of original footage to average skin tones. This should not be a problem per se if Topaz team cared about color management like other pro applications. But they don’t. So we get what we get. I am still waiting on them to take it seriously, so I can use it professionally. The difference between 3.5.4 and 4.2.2 is likley to be random averaging rather than proper color management.


Could we take a look at the log files from the 3.5.4 as well to see what’s changing between the two verisons of the app?

Hi Margaux. Thanks for your response. To generate the file, I performed the test again. I feel the results are even clearer this time. The two screen grabs I’m providing here are results from 3.5.4. and 4.2.2. Note the difference in sharpness. 4.2.2. seems to add blurring, while 3.5.4. does a much better job of generating realistic skin tone. (353.9 KB) (258.0 KB)

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