Video AI 3.1.10 Snap and 4k full screen bug

win 11 laptop, 1 year old nvidia driver on Quadro P620, and up graded to 528.49 both exhibit the same issue. when maximizing the window to a 2nd monitor (4K at 100% scaling) (using the maximize button) it appears to maximize beyond the extents of the 4k display (horizontally and vertically) The display layout is the 1920x1080 display at the lower left of the 4k display.
The snap feature in windows for positioning an application does not appear to be supported by Video AI.

Just installed v3.1.11 and the same issue exists. Maximize maximizes beyond the extent of the 4K display. Also tried a few different display arrangements in Display Settings with the same result. Snap still does not appear to be supported either.

Hello and thanks for reporting this issue.

This window maximizing bug is known to our developers and we are planning to include a fix in a future update. We do not currently support Window snapping but we will be sure to note in the changelog if we are able to implement that feature.