Version 3.2 and still I get the HoneyComb effect

With every new version, I upload this PAL 720x576 interlaced video to check, and I keep seeing this Honeycomb texture that is being applied to the brightest areas of the video, which makes me wonder if this is an issue when the software detects illegal color values above the clip limit or it’s just with very bright areas?
I tested a couple of other videos, interlaced, NTSC also, and I can see this texture happening in bright blue areas as well (more like a spotlight), that comes and goes…

I guess I could deinterlace myself and feed a Progressive source, but then (as I have found previous experiments) VEAI wouldn’t give the sharpest results as the modified source will already have lost half of the information to work with.


Hello and thanks for sharing this example frame, I can certainly see the honeycomb effect on the highlights.

Since the issue seems to be specific to bright areas, I do agree that it could be related to color values that are out of range for the output format.

If possible, could you open a support ticket with this same photo attached so we can look into the error? Through our support channel you can upload videos to our Dropbox account for us to test with.


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Hello! Thank you for your answer! Sure, I’ll open a support ticket and hopefully it’s something straightforward to adjust in your code. I’m looking at the support page, there’s a bug report topic, but it links back to the main support page… so where should I click to generate a ticket?

I’m trying to figure out how to trim the mpg video (dvd source) for those seconds without re-encoding, Update: figured it out! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hey @anton5.k! The support beacon should appear at the bottom right of our page;

If you have any ad-blockers, it’s possible this module can be blocked so make sure to disable those if it’s not appearing.

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