[VEAI 2.2.0] Added '.mp4' extension to filename if you use a custom name

I open my video that is a ‘.mov’ file with ProRes HQ selected and when go to change the filename and apply it after it will end with “.mov.mp4” and I did not add an extension in the filename. It should not include ‘.mp4’ on the end. I just have to use the default name and rename it after as a “workaround”.

Also because it’s related it’d be nice if the default filename was pre-filled into the filename box so you don’t have to type an entirely new name for the file and can just easily add something to the end of the existing filename for example.


yes, I’m to this bug - if select ProRes422HQ and custom location added mp4
also have a strange bug - if read file from network drive and write to local drive i see error that not have permission to write this location

Same issue here. I have to pick the slow ProRes. It won’t render with the incorrect “.mov.mp4” the “HQ (Fast)” adds. Though I’m unable to use that workaround of renaming it afterwards as it won’t render if I leave it on the default filename, I HAVE to give it a custom name otherwise I get the same error as ilya.gitlin with no write permission.

Also, please let me select several clips from a batch and redirect the output to a folder. Right now it only selects a clip and the name box is empty, so it’s a pain to manage a render batch.

One workaround is changing the output folder in the general settings every time you want a different folder but it feels wrong.

Not a critical bug, but important quality of life for a software I use mostly in batchs of old clips from archive.

Just wanted to say this was fixed in the next version, 2.3.0.

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