Various problems since July

At first it was just frequent red X’s and error messages. Then after the 3.4 upgrade I started getting garbage images in the preview pane when using Apollo. Today I reinstalled Video AI from scratch, and now the program lets me load a video and set the settings, but when I request a preview or export it just sits there and does nothing.

Video AI ran on this PC perfectly until July. This week I doubled the RAM from 16 to 32 but it didn’t help. OS: Windows 10 Home. OS build: 19045.3324. Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz. Again, Video AI 3.x was working perfectly on this machine until a month ago.

The C drive is getting crowded, but in theory I have the program storing all temp files and doing all scratch work on a huge external drive. The only thing it seems to be storing on C is the log files.

Log files are attached.
logsForSupport.tar.gz (64.7 KB)

One additional detail: I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3.4, and that didn’t help. But I happen to still have the 3.0.0 installer, so I uninstalled 3.4 and reinstalled 3.0, and that is working perfectly. Maybe the solution is to go back to whatever version existed in June, if I could get an installer for it?

You can download from here


Unfortunately the Intel UHD Graphics card in your system does not meet the minimum graphics requirements for Video AI and will be unable to perform most tasks in the app. Video AI relies heavily on the graphics card of your system for processing, and speeds will vary significantly based on the settings and filters selected in the app.

I’d recommend trying the same clip again after changing the “Max Memory Usage” setting to 50% or even 20% to see if there’s an improvement in stability.

File → Preferences → Processing


VRAM usage seems to be higher after some changes to Video AI’s backend, so it may also help to try version 3.1.9 from the releases page to test if there is a significant difference in performance.