VAI not importing files in correct order

Can someone PLEASE look at the import function of VAI?

Ever since I purchased the program 3 years ago, multiple files with sequentially numbered file names are imported into VAI shuffled! This is very annoying, particularly when you are batch processing dozens of files. I have reported this before but nothing has happened.

Why is this so hard? If the files can’t be imported in order, can you at least look at a way to change the file order from within VAI? When I click on EXPORT ALL, I want my 20+ files to be processed sequentially. Currently, I have to manually export each file individually to ensure they export in order which is ridiculously time consuming.

Same on all versions inc BETA.

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it’s always been like this, it is not new to v4.x.
BTW - Photo AI is the same.

Yeah as I said. 3 years. That goes back to version 2 when I started

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