V3.5.0 Rotates Vertical Video 90 Degrees

Hi, The previous Version did not have this problem. I just updated to 3.5.0, and the preview window and final output file are flipped 90 degrees for videos with vertical metadata.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 Go to Convert the video (using original settings)
  2. Step 2 Live Preview Shows the image flipped 90 degrees
  3. Step 3 The output file is flipped 90 degrees

Topaz Photo AI [v3.5.0] on [Windows]

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for this bug report. We’ve seen a few reports of rotation being unintentionally applied to videos twice and our team is working on putting out a fix as soon as we can.


I really appreciate it. I found out a temporary fix. By adjusting the input file rotation properties. By setting the rotation to 0 instead of the default, which is set at 90. that worked for the output file displaying the correct orientation/ playing back correctly in VLC and Davinci Resolve. I can’t wait to see this fixed, so it displays the side by side preview in the software correctly, and exports correctly in the software without need for further adjustment.



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I’m also having this problem.

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Problem applies to 3.5.1 as well

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I’m having the same issue in 3.5.1. Very annoying. For 9:16 formats a workaround would be to rotate them prior to importing, then rotate them correctly again later. But not only is that a big waste of time, it will likely also lose video quality on each export. Even if done lossless. Either way, this is hardly ideal. I do a lot of social videos.

So after 3.5.2 this is still an issue. In 3.5 the content would always be rotated 90 degrees. There has been a fix to the software that reduces the chance that the content is rotated.
There still are times with importing multiple videos where the content is automatically rotated

I still have a old version installed, 2.6.4, in case the newer versions have issues. And guess what, this issue was present in that version as well, this very likely will not even be fixed when even 4.0 launches.

Version 3.5.4 fixes this issue for me. Thank you!

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