V2.3.0 installation fails

  1. on attempting to install the new v2.3.0 I saw a message about an open app that might interfere with installation but I moved too quickly to the next step in the installation procedure.

  2. I selected the ‘go back’ button to read the message again and the app reported an error, and exited the installation app.

  3. when I reopen the Photo AI v2.2.2 app I see the ‘Update Available’ indicator again but when choosing it and then choosing ‘Install Now’ the Photo AI app closes and the installation procedure is not opened as expected.

  4. Nothing else happens, so I’m not able to update the app to v2.3.0.

Topaz Photo AI v2.2.2 on Windows

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Download the full installer from the Topaz Labs website or the Release thread on this forum, then install that.

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I never received any notif about an open app, however, after downloading & installing 2.3.0 the rest of my experience is identical to David’s steps #3 & #4.
I had similar issues with the previous update.
This is a time consuming pain. Can you fix it or no?

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