Upscale and Gaia Performance Test request for 4090 owners

Hi all,

I have a lot of videos to process and am exploring new hardware as I am hitting the limits of my existing resources.

I was looking for someone with a 4090 and a newer AMD or Intel CPU (ex: intel 1300K) to help me perform a conversation test with your own video to see what type of ballpark performance I could expect.

I also have some benchmarks of my own to share at the end.

Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


  • Source: 1080p @ 29.97fps
  • Out: 3840x2160 @ 60fps

Frame Interpolation

  • Slow motion: none
  • AI Model: Chronos

Reduce duplicate frames sensitivity: 10


  • Video type: progressive
  • AI Model: Gaia
  • Input video type: High Quality (HD)

Output Settings

  • Encoder: ProRes 422 HQ
  • Container: mov
  • Audio settings: auto

Results of my testing

MacBook 14’’ w/ M1 Max and 64GB ram:

  • 1.5fps (3-5 days per video)

Cloud vm with 8 vCores of an EYPC 7543P 32c CPU a 20GB slice of an RTX A4500:

  • ~5fps (5-6hrs per video)

I think it would be more beneficial and more accurate results, if you provide a video sample you want encode and the hardware owners can test it with your sample. as their samples might be different parameters, quality, scene type, etc. that could result differently and give you the wrong impression.

Unfortunately, these are all home movies of the fam that I would not want to share.

i was looking for a rough estimate but i can try to find a video online to test with.

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I can get you those numbers, hang on a sec…

I get about 9.4 - 9.5 fps with these settings with a RTX 4090 and 7950x CPU.


thank you so much :slight_smile:
that’s all I needed

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So you saying it’s about equal results between the AMD flagship and NVIDIA flagship cards?

No, the 4090 is miles faster than any of AMD’s GPUs.

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I tried your request and I am getting on average 13.3FPS to 15.5FPS using a i9-13900KF and a 4090 GeForce RTX, hope that helps you out!

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With Gaia AI Model?

Yes , I built a brand new PC and I am using two 360 AIO’s and a watercooled 4090. My temps are very low and I am using DDR5 64GB 7000MHZ. Without these parts I believe I would be around 8-10FPS with a standard 4090 but there is no AMD GPU that comes close to a 4090 Period, End of story, when AMD builds one or Intel, I will be there but until that time, the 4090 is King!!


Your computer hardware config is excellent. :+1:
Would you mind run the benchmark by clicking (Process > Benchmark, or, Ctrl/Cmd + B) ?

After that please post the result in here

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I’m curious, what GPU do you run? You have your system specs in your profile but I don’t see a GPU listed…

Hi all thank you SOOOO much for your help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I pulled the plug and went ahead and got a purchased / built a system last week. I just finished the built tonight and haven’t tuned it. I convinced myself that it is also an upgrade over my xbox ( I didn’t have a gaming/ml machine so that made it easier). :wink:


  • 13900K
  • 64GB ram DDR5 6000 something (XMP for intel and I set it to XMP II)
  • 4090 gigabyte aurous something vid card
  • asus proart z790 motherboard
  • 2TB WD black nvme
  • 1000watt corsair 1000x psu


  • thermal grizzly paste
  • nzxt z73 cpu cooler + push / pull with nzxt fans (6 total) for the CPU
  • cheap thermalight cpu bracket thingy
  • no extra gpu cooling and am still using windows update nvidia drivers XD
  • case is open at the moment so no closed casket test yet :sweat_smile:
  • everything is set on auto right now



  • I tried multiple sources and am getting about 8-10fps with 1080p source (jumps around a bit)
  • overall cpu temp is 57C ( core is 69C)
  • GPU is 60C but is using 450 watts :astonished:

Overall this is pretty fun and I’m happy with the results as it is faster that the cloud solution, I can run it 24/7 (power is cheap here), and I can use it as a gaming pc to boot!

Topaz benchmark results
Topaz Video AI v3.2.2
System Information
OS: Windows v11.2009
CPU: 13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-13900K 63.715 GB
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 23.59 GB
Processing Settings: device: 0 vram: 1 instances: 0
Input Resolution: 3840x2160
Benchmark Results
Artemis 1X: 8.92 fps 2X: 5.19 fps 4X: 1.52 fps
Proteus 1X: 7.72 fps 2X: 4.78 fps 4X: 1.47 fps
Gaia 1X: 3.33 fps 2X: 2.26 fps 4X: 1.31 fps
4X Slowmo Apollo: 9.92 fps Chronos: 6.86 fps Chronos Fast: 12.97 fps


Nice rig! Your username is a bit misleading now though, lol.

Can you please post your 1080p benchmark, 4k settings are not good for comparing results…

You mean 1080p source upscale to 4k?

I’ll try this later this week :slight_smile:

re: username

I have nice shoelaces :wink:

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So I had to scale things back due to heat, noise, and power issues. Turned off multiple core enhancement and downclocked the CPU per general recommendations these days with a 13900K. Still getting about 8.9fps.

PSU is hot to the touch and fans are running at 100% so I placed an order for a better PSU (1500w) and am getting a case with better airflow.

Topaz has been rock solid :sunglasses:

On my tests, videos in 720p/1080p upscale to 2160p with chr2/appo8/ddv3(59.94/60p)+ ghq5 model setting,4090 = 3090/3090ti (5fps per card)* 2,3090/3090ti = 2080ti mod 22G(3fps per card) * 2. But when videos require more than 10 hours to complete I always get unknown error during the task using TVAI version 3.2.x and sometimes it appears artifacts like judder and green blocks. So now I have to go back to version 3.1.x.