Updated image does not show up in Lightroom

I use Lightroom Classic v12.2.1 with Topaz AI as plug in. I updated AI today to version 1.2.10 and now the images I improve in AI do not transfer to Lightroom. The AI log is below.

I use a MAC on Monterey OS with no issues prior to today’s AI upgrade.

The image appears to be processed in AI but does not seem to create a file

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Invoking AI transfer in LrC - asks whether to create a copy = yes
  2. I can see in AI the image file name with a numerical extension (also in finder)
  3. After processing in AI I am asked to save to Adobe Lightroom Classic Plug In
  4. Lightroom attempts to import the image, but no image is transferred. In finder, the image disappears. I cannot find it anywhere

Thanks for your advice

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.10] on [Mac]

You don’t seem to have posted the log file from Photo AI just a photo of the finder contents.

And the detail from 14:10 and 14:03

2023-04-08-14-00-52.tzlog (244.3 KB)

@e.krauss1-750474 Do you have any form of anti-virus or anti-malware on your computer?

It is not active when installing software or updating. I never had any issues or problems before the recent upgrade.

@e.krauss1-750474 please update to v1.3.1 after we release it tomorrow.

I believe that the new version will have a fix for this issue so the image is imported to your Lightroom Classic properly.