Update policy for partial bundles

RE: DeNoise

Okay, I’m encountering functional flaws in my perpetual DeNoise version (v3.2) See here

So I deploy a current version Trial (v3.7) and the current DeNoise version has resolved some of this.

Ok, so what’s it going to take to get current and get a working v3.x?

Let’s check the product dashboard and find out. (I currently only license DeNoise & Sharpen).

Well, my first bundle offer to get DeNoise upgraded is this.

Topaz uprade option-1

Ok, but I don’t use Gigapixel which adds $77 to the cost (which I don’t want).

Ok, so how about removing GPXL?

Hmmm…then my upgrade prices goes to $99.

Topaz upgrade option-2

Is that a problem? Yes, I’m glad you asked.

  1. I only need to upgrade DeNoise (to current v3.7.x)
  2. I am already on the latest Sharpen; don’t need to update at this time (and there is none)
  3. The overall Topaz offer ($99) to get DeNoise upgraded (in my case) is $20 MORE than a new user can purchase a NEW DeNoise license (WTH?). (assuming you don’t need to add/upgrade Sharpen,GPXL)

Ok, where does that leave all this? I’ll tell you.

I do most of my denoising on Raw files; only occasionally do I only have a jpeg only; eg a photo from my wife’s phone, for example.

Do I currently have other denoising software? Yes!

Currently, I’m TWO major versions back on my well-known raw processor that has EXCELLENT Raw denoising. I checked my upgrade dashboard and I can upgrade the full-blown Raw processor from V4 to V6 for $99. Yes, I can upgrade a highly respected Raw processor WITH denoising for the same price as upgrading just TL DeNoise. Raw processor V6 has yet another (new) level of Raw denoising above what I have today. (a recent thread here shows it well superior to Photo-AI). See here

So, does it make sense to spend $99+ to update Topaz DeNoise when I can spend the same amount and achieve much more? Absolutely not.

That’s it for me. No more Topaz update funds; it’s just not cost effective that I can see for upgrades that may not even come (deferred to PhotoAI). I’ll stick to DeNoise v2.3 for jpegs and uninstall v3.2. I’ve paid for software upgrades and got boxed in with broken versions. No more good money after bad.

It’s been a good run, but the upgrade policies no longer make any sense for me.


I am hoping for another sale. It costs more for me to renew what I have than it did to buy it originally, right now :slight_smile: But I don’t think I can be without it.