DeNoise effectiveness has varied significantly from version 2.3, 3.2, 3.7

This is why I keep working versions around until new versions are tested. However, with the TL installers that is easier said than done. See here

v2.3.4: good
v3.2.x: bad (*)
v3.7.x: v3.2.x badness gone, but doesn’t seem any better than v2.3.4?

(*) The issue here is my DeNoise version is currently frozen at v3.2.x based on non-active upgrade status, but this version (3.2.x) clearly has some major problems. Ok, why is that an issue?

See here

Jackie iPhone 150-AIDN-v2-3.4x
Jackie iPhone 150-AIDN-v3-2x
Jackie iPhone 150-AIDN-v3-7x

Please post the name of the Model you did use.

Since there are LowLight, Standard, AI Clear (High,mid and low), (placeholder for modell xx) and RAW its hard to make a conclusion.

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I tried them all. Severe-Noise was no better than Standard. Low-light was no better than Standard.

The differences are really obvious, but a bit harder to see with the image resolutions of the uploads. The top of the wooden hat is still quite evident, though.

The differences switching models are insignificant to the poor results (all equally bad).

Perhaps this zoom makes it easier to spot?