Update Nuisance - don't want to update?

Am I the only one finding the update procedure a bit annoying? Here I am, working on an image in Topaz Studio 2, Affinity Photo, PhotoLine, etc., and I open one of the Topaz AI plugins. Up pops a reminder there’s a new update to install. Of course, the reminder can be dismissed, but I find the increased frequency of these update reminders to be intrusive and disruptive of the creative process.

I know I sound like a curmudgeon, but there has to be a better way.


Perhaps a preference setting could be added to turn off the notification.

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Just check the posts to see what the update is for, if you don’t want it just dismiss it. But remember that sometimes it may be an update relevant to you.

I agree with OldRadioGuy and ScottO. When I’m working on a lot of stuff I don’t want to take the risk of updating at a critical point. I have gotten burned being one of the first to download a new update only to have some terrible bug show up in the update putting me out of commisson until the bug gets fixed. It would be nice after getting the first announcement that an update is available we have the option to turn off that notification until we are ready for it. I hope this becomes less of an issue when we can with full assurance know the the new update will work without conflicting bugs.

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Just to be clear, notifications don’t bother me at all. I just thought a preference setting would be helpful to those folks that it does bother.

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That would be great advice if you only were nagged once. Sure, you can dismiss it, but you have to do this every single time the app is invoked …hence, the annoyance! There is no sticky-cookie to make it a one time ask. Alternatively, having the update-ask logic hooked into a preference option should be trivial for devs as skilled as Topaz Labs.

Update checks (yes/no/when) is a fairly std Prefs option nowadays.


BTW, there are at least two other threads asking for this to be Preference-ized.

I agree. Another day, another Topaz update. And it is always a complete reinstall, not a quick patch. Following the update procedure it takes six screens to get to the point where the update actually begins, twenty minutes to update, by which time I’ve lost all interest. And tomorrow you get to do it all again. It’s quite bizarre, no other software company operates in this way.


Yes for gods sake stop these totally annoying updates , this is the only software I have ever had that wants to do a full update every time I open it , gigapixel and de-noise both the same , sort it out Topaz !!

Now I don’t pay for the updates, my Denoise 2.2.1 constantly nags me to buy an update. This is extremely annoying and will drive me away from Topaz if it doesn’t stop!tif%20-%20Topaz%20DeNoise%20AI


Click on the arrow next to the 1 Day on the bottom left hand side and choose from the available don’t show for settings.

My bad I forgot to say that I know there is an option but it is only a delay, there is no option to stop it. sod’s law it isn’t popping up now that i want to check the max delay it allows. It is only till next week I think.

I went into Windows Registry and removed the entry for the nag screen. The nag screen went away for a short time.
However Topaz are too smart. The next time I checked the nag screen was still there, and the registry now carried the very information I had earlier deleted.
Thanks Topaz (not).
Seems like they know all the tricks and are determined that we lesser mortals MUST upgrade or they will nag us relentlessly.

This isn’t the Topaz I knew and loved and grew up with.

I see the maximum hide time is two weeks. I wonder if there is a setting in the registry that will extend this? Can you let me know the registry address so I can experiment? Thanks.

I went to HKEY_Current_User.
Then to Software and scrolled through to as shown on screenshot.
Removed those 2 entries yet they came back later, so looks like when you are online Topaz ‘fiddles’ with your Registry and puts everything back to how they want it, not how you want it!

I would suggest you don’t play with the registry entries, raise a support request at the main website please. Indicating the amount of time you wish to be able to disable it for.

I don’t think they will allow 3 years or more though!

My suggestion would be to say you want to turn it off permanently as an option if you never want to upgrade. Otherwise suggest a period you would be happy with.

Same for Mac, please, an option to turn it off would be great. For a casual user of AI (I much prefer RI) this is just a nuisance and a spur to remove the software altogether.

I have had the same problem - when I try to open I get a message telling me I have to pay again as there is an update available and to use this I have to renew my license. My understanding tis hat whilst there is an update available we do not need to install it and can continue to use our current version without paying for another license. But Topaz will not open and my computer freezes and it will not allow me to close down - I have to restart my mac to escape from this financial tyranny. I have created a support ticket but, apart from the auto reply, not received a response.still

On the left hand side of the update notice there is a pull down list where you can specify the time to delay the notice. Select the time friend you prefer.

If you say no to the update it will open.