Unable to Save Changes for “Edit in Topaz Photo AI” (iPhoto)

Unable to Save Changes for “Edit in Topaz Photo AI” (iPhoto)

Hi, this seems to be a long running issue (first issue mentioning it is from Sept 23).

Could you prioritize fixing this please?

This product is amazing but I will need to find an alternative for my use case if this remains unfixed.


  • also I signed up for beta for VEAI like a year ago, I’m using prod photo AI (will see if I have access to beta to see if it’s fixed there).

This has also struck me. The plugin is virtually useless at this juncture with Apple Photos.

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Note – the cropping trick mentioned around the forums does work for this issue and that does make me think this isn’t the hardest issue in the world to fix fwiw (i.e. file path or permissions if I had to guess).

I ahh, well, didn’t scan a bunch of files to tiff’s with minimal compression to like have to crop them to implicitly get them converted to jpeg’s (or w/e defaults apple uses when you crop) to fix a file path or permission to like, enable feeding them through this software (although maybe that’s a necessary step for inputs and I’m a fool for scanning to tiff, lol), so I would so deeply appreciate it if this could be fixed (or if idk these extensions could be open sourced so ppl could just fix them for you).

wrt/ why I care about this use case (vs using something like Lightroom or something idk well suited for pros and presumably easier to integrate w/ than iPhoto), if I toss photos into iPhoto, I can share them in a shared album, making the path of scan => on relative’s TV super easy and fool proof, and I imagine the market share for this use case is significant (and will probably grow due to demographics), so ahh well please prioritize fixing this feature and advertise this workflow!

Also, if this helps, I think I care about this use case enough that like, idk, if it’s easy enough / there aren’t excess barriers / you have enough interest in this, lmk the language + any other need to knows and I can write up some open source throwaway implementation of this capability that replaces an image opened for editing with a static image (covering where I think things are going sideways) that you can copy paste into your app.

Many thanks!

every time topaz photo AI NEEDS activation.Activation aborts after every attempt even after purchasing the software.unable to save and always remains in demo mode.
please rectify immediately

If I understand right (and only a Topaz user for the last few weeks), I have to crop the image in Photos just enough to make it somehow different. Then it works…

I can attest this works, but the RAW then goes to a JPG, before going into Topaz. I can see it works…but that’s not a great workaround.

I’d like to get some more information to help troubleshoot the problem you are having.

Could you send us your computer’s full system profile?

Also if you can, please open Topaz Photo AI, then go to Help > Open Log Folder, send me all of the files within that folder. You should be able to attach them directly as a response to this email.

You can securely submit your files(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.

Dropbox File Request

For context, sat down this evening and went through about 15 files, no issues. But seems like I got stuck on one NEF file that doesn’t seem to get past that error. After it errored a few times, I zipped up the files and sent them to you. Hope you can find something in there.

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