Unable to parse option value "0" as video rate?

Hi all, I am a new user and no expert, but I cant do anything in this program. I chose one video file, ripped from an old dvd, and no matter the settings the previews fail and say

Last FFmpeg messages:

Unable to parse option value “0” as video rate

Unable to parse option value “0” as video rate

If I just try to process it crashes… I’m on a brand new gaming computer which far exceeds required specs… any advice?

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Those messages are specific to the Apollo model (Maybe Chronos too). They happen even when it works.

Follow the instructions in this post to give everyone more details. Hopefully someone can figure it out once you’ve completed that.

Your settings may be to high for your computer’s configuration (even though it may be high spec like mine).

This was posted in another thread, give it a try:

select File > Preferences and lower your memory usage to 10% and enable low power mode. This will cause the app to run very slowly, however, if this stabilizes the app, you can raise the memory consumption until you find the sweet spot.