How to report a bug for Video AI

If you encounter a new bug with Video AI, please create a new topic detailing the following and tag your post with New Issue;

  1. The bug / behavior you have encountered
  2. Your system profile (Instructions for Mac) or (Instructions for Windows)
  3. Your log files (Help > Logging > Get Logs For Support within Video AI)
  4. Any screenshots as necessary

Please try to search for the bug you are experiencing within this category before posting. Any posts that have already been addressed will be removed.

If you find that your bug has already been posted, feel free to vote and comment on the existing post stating that you also are experiencing the same behavior.

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Where do we post for questions about added features?
Just installed and it has a threshold slider with the add duplicate frames box.
Any manual on these new added features?

Hi @michaelandrews, we’re working on creating extensive documentation for all of our apps behind the scenes right now – I think this, once it exists, would be the best place to look for a ‘manual’.

Since we don’t have this public right now, the General category is probably the best place for these types of questions, but you can always also reach out to our support team directly at and we should be able to answer this much quicker.

Hello, although my version has expired, I want to try the latest version. I have tried with and with 3.1.6.

I don’t know what happens, but with both, my pc restarts. My pc is not bad and it has always worked fine, but now whenever I use Veai, my pc reboots after 1 minute or less. Any idea of the cause?
Attached DxDiag file

My computer is:

msi mag z390 tomahawk 12

Intel i9 9900k

Nvidia RTX 2070 super

32GB ram


Hello Support,
the online update from Video Ai 3.20 to Video AI 3.22 does not work. It aborts with the message: “Unable to write to the specific folder: D\ProgramFiles…”.
The previous online updates always went through without problems.
The update only worked with the installation of the downloaded “TopazVideoAI-3.2.2.msi”.
Maybe you can check this problem.

Topaz video AI v3.2.3 when using Dione 2x TV
in 4.2.2 it loses audio sync randomly.
You lose the work of 12 hours of an original broadcast episode.
I beg the new technical director to review the entire pyramid of work and correct failures as elementary as deinterlacing.

You have to use a Transcode audio in settings.