Unable to Output any Encoder, Gigantic File

With the change to the new look interface the performance has taken a dive.
But over time you have improved it and I appreciate your efforts.

There are two major issues I still see.

  • The files created are extremely gigantic, for instance my 45min episode 480p 2.5GB
    upscaled to 1080p I am getting files around 140GB that is about 56 times larger.
    this is simply insane.
  • The app will finish the file then commence to process the same file again creating a
    second one.

On my desktop I am running a Nvidia 1080 GTX and it was ok processing the above files and I managed to complete four episodes, but with the recent update it is even worse the file gets even larger and and fails to complete giving an error of not enough space even though the drive I have has 380GB available.
I have attempted this about four times with the same results.

I then attempted to try it on my Laptop i9 Nvidia RTX 3080.
I have used every single encoder and every single one fails to encode even a preview.
The NVIDIA encoder has the worst results as it very quickly shows an error while the others take longer to process and then giving an error.
Both systems and Topaz are up-to-date with drivers as best as I know…

I do have a CP-Z report if you like to have a closer look.

I do hope this helps you make your great software better as I am continually amazed at the results and wish to continue to preserve certain things which have not and will probably never be available on Bluray.

Best regards.

I often run Prores HQ and then using my favorite h265 preset in Handbrake for storage.

I use FFV1 lossless to export from TVAI, then handbrake it like @ArtndFun does. file size is reduced dramatically.

Hello guys, we are on the same wavelength as I also employ this workflow of finalising the file in handbrake to a more reasonable 3GB or whatever it happens to be at 5000kb per sec.
Yes I have used these settings Prores HQ too.
But the initial file is way too big and I receive an error there is not enough space left even though I have 380GB available.

There is an issue as any setting on my laptop will not work, so Topaz will need to look at this.

Sorry about that bug sir.

Handbrake has released av1 10bit in the new version. It holds a better image than h265 4:2:2 10bit.
LOL but my computer can’t play AV1 10bit in 4k. Too heavy!
But fully usable for Youtube uploads!

Hi Robert,

Could we try running the same file but using the ProRes LT export setting? It’s possible that the HQ setting is filling the drive before one file can finish processing. Another option would be to use the H265 setting directly within the Video AI export menu, which will produce files much smaller in size but retain a high amount of detail when played back.