Un-ethical Behavior by Topaz Labs LLC with image collection from Photo AI

It seems that Topaz Labs is defaulting the collection of images for improving the performance of the AutoPilot. Unfortunately also the option to turn this on or off is hidden as the last option in the General Preference so you will not see it when you open preference.

If you want this off then page down when you are in the General Preferences and click it Off as seen here, note you have to use the slide bar on the RH side as PgDn is NOT enabled.


@eric Hi Eric, can you look into this and ensure that the default is NOT to collect images and maybe there can be a prompt to opt in at the first startup after install.

Note that all apps collect data but not images as seen in this screenshot from GigaPixel preferences:



For anyone who may be concerned about this, I’ve made a post about what we are doing here: