UHD - 2k/4k

when I encode UHD - then the processing speed decreases

usually - when I encode 1080/720 - then the processing speed is normal (correctly loads the PC)

split UHD processing - UHD video quality is good

1- if the upscale is up to 4k - do not touch
2- if interpolation or deinterlacing - reduce the quality of processing
3- if enchantment - reduce the quality of processing

if 4k60fps - then upscale like 1 and 60fps like 2

I am not sure if I understand you fully. :eyes:

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UHD video - image quality is good

better than HD/SD - 1080 or 480

honestly I did not understand what you asking.

UHD video <Proteus = encoding 10 hours

HD/SD video <Proteus = encoding 30 min


UHD video <Proteus(SuperFast) = encoding 30 min

Can you please clarify exactly what the issue is? Are you seeing a decrease in processing time?

How do Apollo (fast) and Chronos (fast) work?
How are these quick modes different from the basic ones? Apollo and Chronos?

these fast modes are needed for all filters - if UHD is processed

I don’t think the subject of this post has any relation to the frame interpolation model/AI.
let’s try and keep it that way. if you want you can open a new thread under “General” section and we will be more then happy answering your question.

My own personal take on that.

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You will find detailed information about all of the filters here. If you have further questions, please open a new thread in the general section or write in to support.

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