TVEAI 3 has huge problems, its future

What do you think of the future of this new version 3, which unfortunately goes in the wrong direction. This message is not to hurt the team working behind this version, it is not my goal, I respect the hard work of the TVEAI 3 team. For me, I find that this new version goes in a direction, said, bad. Does the team itself take our messages into account when we write them our opinions on software bugs? Others ? After this is only my preview, I find that nothing is taken into account even if they say send us the logs so that we can solve the problems of the software, then when a new version arrives like 3.0.1 , 3.0.2 and the latest current 3.0.3, it looks like nothing is fixed, for some things. Is it me ? Or do I see no change?

I have a question too, I don’t know if people will have clear answers, why did you definitely drop the continuity of version 2? I had read in a topic that suraj said that they couldn’t put additional options, export and import video codecs, new models etc… that’s why they decided to stop a version 2.6.4 and start wanting to create version 3. But when you look at the difference between 2.6.4 and the new version 3.0.3 for example, I don’t know how to tell you, but there really is a big problem in the end… 2.6.4 is largely fast, functional, 3.0.3 is very slow, full of bugs and not very functional. This is not reassuring for me. And I don’t think you’re on your side either, I’m talking about the other testers.

In one question, what do you think of all this and its future?


I’ve been looking everywhere on this forum for statements about a ‘new team’ and such, since you have mentioned the same elsewhere a few times before.
I’m not finding them. Can you provide links?

My opinion? I would like to revert to 2.64 again. Is that possible?

yes of course. just download and install the old version. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Guess I misunderstood the OP, thinking he meant 2.x versions were no longer available.

V3 fixes some things that were always a problem in V2. I understand mostly why they laid it out like they did, the models that actually were supposed to be used for different purposes were getting used the wrong way and people didn’t realize what they were for. How many times did I read “Dione DV and TV suck because they double the framerate for no reason”. There’s a very good reason they do that and it’s only aparrent if you use them right. The new layout is a bit cumbersome but it is hard to make that mistake now.

They also fixed a problem with de-interlacing certain types of video, it seems like they focused on this quite a bit for people who want to fix up that old DVD collection.

If you ever worked on a piece of software with a GUI you realize it is not at all as easy as it looks. There is a logical flow that the entire layout has to follow. When you go to put all the functions together you realize it makes more sense to you than someone who doesn’t know what you were thinking and you have to backtrack. V3.03 is a perfect example of this, V3 beta was unusable IMO, V3.03 is serviceable and worth the clobbering around if the fixes and inline frame interpolation is important to you.

V3.03 is definately slower, but before this update V3 was actually faster than V2 on my systems. I cannot use V3.03 on AMD because it’s so bad, not nearly as bad on Nvidia but it probably is still slower than V2. V2 had this same problem a couple of times, they will fix it with updates. I mentioned some suggestions in another thread to make V3 a bit better. I use VEAI Alot, this new direction will work well once they get a couple things ironed out


i remember from the old atari st computer with the graphics environment manager gui that you could spend as much time or even more time on the gui programming than you needed for the rest of the program.

If I was not a software developer, I would not be able to see what is going on with TVAI. Because of the weekly releases, I think they are doing an agile work flow. We don’t get to see the job board, but I’m pretty confident that most everything said on these forums becomes an actionable task that gets put into the backlog. Each week they pick the most urgent ones to work on. Of course some tasks take more than one week to complete, but they will get done.
When I think about the future of TVAI, I think it’s going to be the best of all versions they have made yet.
The reality though, is that it is not there yet.
For now, it’s more a personal question of, if you are willing to put up with it in the meantime.


It seems to me that V3 is still not ready for release. We had a “beta” run, but given the scope of the issues that still exist, calling V3 the new release version is a bit rich. As you say, its unstable and slow, and this seems to be a major regression over the latest V2.

For all intents and purposes, you should consider the current V3 to still be a beta version.


The best way I can think about the state of TVAI is this: It’s like a Kickstarter except you get to use the work-in-progress product. Even if they never deliver what I expect them to, I still got something worth something for my money.
I only use TVAI because of the CLI. If it did not have that, I would be with the rest and using VEAI. Of course I would check in every update and check if my list of issues got addresses.

I’ve had a change of heart with this. Things are working better with the latest version.

I am getting more accustomed to the batch file setup and I have seen a speed enhancement while running two processes at the same time. Or that is what it is telling me.

Now to see the stability. If I can run 2 processes at the same time of an hour in length each, with no crashes - then I’m sold. I’m showing a 50% speed increase.

I think my biggest thing was just the confusion of the forums and having to fish through posts for Macs. I hope it can be cleaned up and that the more technical discusses can stay in a Beta Tester forum.

Now to see if the stability is solid.

I apologize for my criticism, but things just got messy on confusion and since this is a new program, I wish we would start back at V1 with the new name.

(I leave my 5 year old tantrum below from the past for transparency - lol)

It appears to me that there are internal issues about v2.6.4.

I don’t know if it was staffing, licensing issues or who knows - legal issues.

Regardless, this is a new piece of software that is not ready for release and a huge disappointment.

The software has been towards the back of their website for sale at a discount and the other apps seem to be primary focus.

It doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel again, unless someone said that you cannot enhance my wheel anymore - create your own new wheel.

It sure feels like VAI is the poor relation in their list of products available - but then its harder to work with temporal material than stills - obviously.

The slow mo implementation is very poor - has not improved in my eyes, Flowframes is free and a million times better.

I also find models from earlier itterations were better, at least for me working with SD HD 4K and so on, I feel more comfortable with 2.6.4 right now - I wonder if this is going to get more bloated with gimmicks and less focussed in the long run?

Paul :slight_smile:

Developer has explained that why they need to develop a new VAI 3.0 in the post below.

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I thought you did not want to guess, at least that’s what you suggested to us in the other topic. :eyes:

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I’m relieved to see this type of transparency from the team. They seem to clearly understand the issue and are ready and willing to communicate such to customers, which seems to be a rarity nowadays…
Despite that, I still feel that the “release” of v3 was rushed. In software, a ground-up rewrite is very much considered a nuclear option, and they must have had some seriously deep issues with v2 for it to have been taken. A ground-up rewrite will of course be riddled with bugs and other problems, but to release a product in such a state is not good. It’s highly unlikely a developer made that decision - much more likely someone in higher management with more of a focus on the bottom line, and possibly less understanding of the technical aspect.
I’m encouraged by the team’s communication and eagerly await the “real” v3. Until then, this rebranded beta test will continue, and as much as it pains me to do so, v3 will not improve unless people focus on using it and reporting bugs and issues to the team. It just sucks that v2 is objectively the better choice for wanting to get things done (with the software we paid for) versus testing a slow and unstable version.

If anyone from Topaz is reading, allow me to make a suggestion - right now, we are paying a time-based license for usage of VEAI. I would rather spend that time using v2, but you need to beta test v3 properly. How about a bug-bounty whereby newly-reported issues are rewarded with say +1 month to license, or some other time bonus? Please, give us a reason to use v3 over v2 and help it along to its full potential that you already envision.


I think the development might take longer than they expected.
The post about the new development of V3.0 was posted in February. They have released 40 versions of alpha, 11 versions of beta and 8 versions of Early Access in last 9 months.

There are only very few active beta testers in this forum, so I understand why they want to release it early. It allow more users to test the program and speedup the debug speed.

So every users who have problem with V3.0 don’t uninstall it immediately, please send your log to developer, this will help them figure out the problem faster.

I have been critical of V3 – but I am starting to have a change of heart. I am seeing a better way to manage projects and more fine tuning options.

The GUI is starting for feel more natural. I haven’t tried stability of the software for clips over a minute — but I’m starting to see the light with this.

I do wish there was better moderation on the forums. It is a headache to scroll through issues on PC Video cards, when I have a Mac. I really feel that more technical issues should be organized. Keep the Beta Testers (as I assume they are privy to more information) in a locked group. It just adds confusion.

But I’m going to stay on board and see how this goes.

My apologies for previous criticisms.

I do feel that this is a different piece of software and it appears to have a different name, slightly? It would be nice to start at V1 with the new name. Because V3 and V2.6.4 are apples and oranges.

Just my thoughts.

Finally — please if there could be reference video files that everyone could use for testing, so that we all have the same source, that would solve so many questions.

I think there just needs to be one spokesperson for announcements. No I heard they would do this or that. Keep one voice.

Beta testers already have a private section within this forum. Are you saying they shouldn’t be allowed to contribute to the general discussions?

I like the possibility to play canceled jobs in the TVEAI, in TVAI the clips are just 0kb. Maybe one instant jpg still would be nice also in TVAI when jumping between presets.