TVEAI 3 has huge problems, its future

If they are privy to information thst others do not have then it would make sense to keep them separate.

There has been changed so much in therms of A.I. Developement in the last year.

Because people start to understand whats happening and how a neural network does handle its data.

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Despite its problems, TVAI 3.X has been the best thing to happen to my workflow since I discovered the product over a year ago.


As it stands, TVAI v3.0.5 does not compare to VEIA v2.6.4. TVAI’s performance and results are a lot worse, upscaling isn’t as sharp, interpolation has more artifacts and makes the output blurry for some reason, and the time it takes to process everything takes significantly longer. Even the compare view is gone, like why?


Where? I looked and can’t find. Thanks

I agree with you, version 2 seemed sharper to me, but i will say this, i did some experimentation in version 3 and i noticed that proteus was blurrier than artemis, which is crazy because in version 2 proteus was sharper. so in version 3 i would suggest using artemis low quality for getting it sharper until they fix proteus to match how it worked in version 2

Here is a sample showing how sharper artermis low quality looks compared to the original dvd quality. Artermis looks good on old dvd quality in 3.0 from what i can tell. hope this helps others. Video AI Team, please fix the proteus model in 3.0 because in 2.0 proteus was the sharpest and clearest model but it doesnt really have that clarity in 3.0. thanks for all your hard work, i know its not easy to work on this for months. We all want it to be the best and that is why we provide the feedback. thanks again