TVAI 3.x - CRF/CQP conversion + AUDIO track quality and selection

Hello everyone

I wanted to make an official request to the developers to ask them to add these two features that are very useful and also much requested by users, not only by me:

  • CRF/CQP Encoding (which by the way was available on the previous version): it allows to optimize a lot the final size of the videos, maintaining a very good quality and allowing more choice for the user.

  • Choice of audio track + choice of encoding quality: the management and encoding compartment of the audio streams inside TVAI is definitely to be improved; many video files (VOB, MKV, AVI, MOV) contain multiple audio tracks, so it would be very useful to be able to choose the tracks to be converted from the GUI of the program, as well as to have the possibility to be able to choose the encoding quality when choosing to encode and convert the source audio track to AAC!

I ask users who read this request of mine and are interesting to vote for this feature request so that it stands out among the other requests here on the forum.
Thanks to everyone, first and foremost to the developers for the improvement work they are doing on the program!

Excellent idea.
Though I wonder at what level does adding more features weigh down the program and add cost increases to the consumer. The more that is tossed in, the more interaction between codecs, the longer it takes to make updates and changes.

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These are actually two really “simple” additions to implement, without forcing developers to put who knows what effort into research and development:

  • The CRF (Constant Rate Factor) conversion method is already present as a standard encoding method in TVEAI 2.6.4., so adding it to the new version (which by the way relies heavily on FFMpeg) I don’t think is a big deal, indeed: you just have to enable it from the GUI (I think).

  • Also regarding audio, there’s not much work to do: you just need to be able to leave an option in the GUI that allows you to choose the audio track present the source videos (as happens quietly on Handbrake or similar) and allow the user to choose which bitrate to use for the conversion to AAC (assuming you choose to use it).

These don’t seem like difficult additions to implement, but they are essential improvements for so many, including me!

CRF has been requested a lot on this forum. If they can buy an encoder, they can add it. The license for the currently available one on ffmpeg (libx264 and or libx265) requires Topaz to make public too much of their code. (That’s how I understand it.)

The selection and manipulation of audio tracks, subtitles and chapters, that is something they can and should add to the GUI. I don’t care right now because I use the CLI, but for anyone that uses the GUI, that would be a major improvement.

  1. the first thing you say is rather strange: CRF/CPQ encoding can be applied very well already to the encoders that TVAI uses (at least to the H264 and H265 Nvidia NVENC used by the latest version): in fact, in Handbrake there is an option for CRF enconding also for NVENC enconding, not only for x264 and x265 (although it would be great to have these two encoders in TVAI 3.x as well)

  2. I think that those who use the CLI like you are really a small minority: in fact almost all of them use the GUI, and the ability to choose the audio tracks of the original video and be able to select the quality should be a really easy addition to apply, in fact I wonder why after all this time the developers haven’t thought about it and added it yet.

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I agree the audio section needs to be improved. Thans for this post!


Thank you (if you agree, please vote for my suggestion, thank you)!

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CRF/CPQ in H.264/5 are two different things. CRF is only available in software encoding. CPQ is in hardware encoding and is not the exact same thing. All accounts I can find online still say that hardware encoding will result in bigger file sizes at the same visual quality as software CRF.

I have not done tests on my RTX 3080 ti, but back when I got my GTX 1060, I tried NVENC and no matter what CPQ I set it to, it always produced a slightly blurred video when compared to the same 1080p video encoded with libx265 CRF at about 22. Maybe they’ve improved the visual quality on the 30 series, but there’s still the file size that’s going to be larger.

Software H.265 encoding. Very slow, but high visual quality at small file sizes.
Hardware H.265 encoding. Ultra fast, but large file sizes at high visual quality.

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You are right, I did not remember that with the hardware encoder it was not possible to encode in CRF.
However, if I’m not mistaken, in the latest version of TVAI it is not possible to use CQP either, which should be a better option than the current ‘Auto’ bitrate mode anyway.

If this is the case, it’s clear that software encoding (x264 and x265?) was used in TVEAI 2.6.x… so I hope the developers can find a way to re-insert them in version 3.x!

Ps. As for audio, however, they absolutely MUST do something to add audio track selection, as well as the bitrate selector for audio conversion!


@suraj @nipun.nath @gregory.maddra @xuan.liu @yazi.saradest

Is there any chance that both x264 and x265 will be added as encoders in the near future, and that CRF encoding will be reused as is the case with TVEAI 2.x?

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Devs… is it possible to set via GUI the default AAC quality to 256/320 Kbps instead of 192 Kbps, in the next stable version of the program? is it that difficult to do? :sweat_smile:

However, I hope that in the next versions you can give the possibility always via GUI to select the quality of audio tracks encoded in AAC!

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