Trying to Bulk Process photos from my vacation bugged it

Batch processing is only functioning stepmotherly in Photo AI, I’ve had similar experiences.
First it takes forever to get all settings to the pictures as already written in this post and one also can’t really use the apply to all option: How can I apply current settings to all loaded images without their values? - #2 by PWC
Then there are problems when processing too many pictures (hundreds), I’ve had issues, that a picture was missing in the output (and the names of the pictures were all wrong and shifted). The UI was unresponsive in the entire process and sometimes it also crashed (which is the worst, since all manuel settings for the images are gone then).

Users have petitioned many times, that Topaz Labs bring back the old Gigapixel UI for batch processing:

It allowed the user to change models/values/… quickly in a multi-editing grid (instead of the current film strip, that takes forever - as you said - days… and that’s just for 320 photos - imagine thousands…).

I have petitioned Topaz Labs many times, that they improve the CLI functionality so that one can at least run large batches on the command line (without the danger of the UI crashing).
But the response was “CLI is deprioritized - majority uses UI”.

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