Trying to activate: Topaz server not responding

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Same here. Even previously activated machines loose the registration and become unusable.

Also, if i get through it still errors out

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I just saw that myself…

Same for Photo AI.

But PAI still works on another computer.

Firefox says, “auth api error: 400 Bad Request\n{“error”:“invalid_grant”,“error_description”:“Authorization code doesn’t exist or is invalid for the client”}”

Best might be to disconnect it from WAN so it does not get “disconnected” from its license. Or if you are lucky PAI does not have this.

To rant a bit:
This is very much unacceptable for me. If i update and the software is screwed up, riddled with bugs or does not work at all, its ok: I report the issues, help support fix it and then roll back to a known good version.
I know how it works for sw companies, i am a seasoned dev myself. But this is absolutely not ok. A product that does not require online connection all the time, breaking from then to now because my already registered and paid product connects to a faulty online service (or cannot) is just a very bad decision. I paid in advance so there is also no need to give them the opportunity to revoke my License remotely and brick the software. This is an avoidable problem we are in right now and Topaz Engineers and i know it. I just despise the business decision behind it and this clearly tainted my good opinion of Topaz quite a bit.
Rant end.

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I was having some grief the other day activating PAI on my new M2 Mac Mini (posted in that forum). It was quite an adventure! So there is definitely some issue on the back end. And PAI isn’t activated any longer there as you described.

Ironically, today I was preparing to blog about the Topaz apps (and I can’t even run VAI to get a screenshot… :wink: )

So back to the 2013 MacBook Air. Or maybe the 2020 M1 MBP…

On the 2020 MBP, VAI needed updating, and that process just went well and the app launched without further need to activate (?).

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Could activate as well, issue seems resolved as of now.

Very good, thanks for the update.

I wonder if this is why my CLI job got watermarked. If it had just started five minutes earlier, like when the other job that was running at the same time did, it would have been fine.

Down again

@adam.mains @yazi.saradest

Hi Thomas - please try again. There should no longer be any issues in our server. Please let me know if you’re still running into any issues.

i can confirm that the model download does work again.

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I am getting the error {“message”: “Internal server error”} when I try to authenticate. What is going on? I am not able to use the app.

Have exactly the same problem …