Topaz Video AI v4.1.1

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released January 30th, 2024

Changelog from 4.1.0

  • Fix crashing on certain specific inputs.
  • Fix crashing on previewing for certain inputs.
  • Fix certain EXR/DPX inputs not converting to 16bit Tiff correctly.
  • Updates to OpenVINO to improve Intel ARC stability and performance
  • Applying frame interpolation related batch processing commands will correctly apply the FPS relative to the original.
  • Fix top part of window being hidden for some users.
  • Fix bug where auto params being lost when switching to Theia.
  • Fix bug with generating temp files for Exports.
  • Fix many preset related problems/bugs.
  • Add toggle functionality to switch between displaying the remaining time and the elapsed time for export processes.

Known Issues

  • Batch processing selection can overwrite FPS output.
  • EXR/DPX Exports may lose input frame number.
  • Inconsistent “Preview X frames” enable status.
  • Rotation w/ previews will intermittently be over-rotated.
  • Looping previews has a stutter.
  • Live preview can have frame de-sync.

I am sorry to say that the 4.1.1 is a real disaster because unlike 4.1.0 I can not open the temporary export file which is mandatory to work with Video AI because of the missing live preview during export. I revert back to the 4.1.0. This bug was told in the recent beta. I have no idea why it got into the final build. :confused:


What is the point of even looking at a preview or temporary file during export? You spot a problem 80% of the way through the upsample of a 2 hour video and you do what? Stop the video, throwing away the 80% that was ok up until that point so you can fix the problem and start the whole export over again from the beginning?

  1. Often I realize within the first minutes of processing that I am still not happy with the result and stop the processing to adjust my settings.

  2. Checking the export file of a movie that plays two hours long saves me two hours of my rare time when doing it during processing.


I spot check videos - especially long ones - at multiple points to identify potential problem scenes. By the time I hit the Export button on a video, there’s nothing left to do but occaisionally check the countdown timer until the job is done.

Live Preview for spot checks is what I consider important. I used to turn off Live Preview for exports in 3.x to maximize the fps.



Thank you for reviewing and implementing my request for this!



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it would be better if we could watch the export as its processed as we use to in older versions.
I don’t see why we should have to check it in another viewer.


Ok but why are you replying to me? LOL

What would make live preview during export useful would be an option to stop the export and save the output up to that point. Then you could make adjustments for whatever issue you spotted, then back up a few seconds to resume, creating a new export from that point on that you could splice together with what you saved in a real video editing app.

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Hmm, on the Mac live preview during encodes had very little to no influence on encoding speed…
I’d like to have this feature back as well as sometimes issues arise in spots that you didn’t foresee (especially with Proteus 4 sometimes going havoc on backgrounds especially with darker scenes / large crowds on concerts but also when you wouldn’t have expected).


I noticed this problem almost immediately. Being able to open the temp file just to check is really important.

Back to 4.1.0 for me.


The lost of a usable export file also has another drawbacks:

  1. Sometimes I stop the process because the intermediate file is already useful even if it is not completely rendered.

  2. In case of failure, we can always recover the intermediate file. Sometimes could be enough.

Some of us reported this problem in the beta and did not receive any response, at least reasoning the decision, a bit of talking. It now appears in the release. Seriously, @Topaz, a beta tester forum that you don’t listen carefully, is really useful to you?


Exactly. And even more so as encodes (if they fail) often do that at the very end of the task and then you often can live without the last few seconds of the video, not having to do a full encode for several hours again.


I often use a copy of the temp file to compare directly with the original by using 2 player instances. This is much faster than the spot sampling technique in TVAI when tuning in the parameters. It allows for a much more thorough search for problematic spots. And yes, sometimes I decide that the result is not good enough. Stopping a 10 hour task after 50% is still 5 hours of processing saved.

Therefore, I very much prefer to have the temp file in the output folder.

Also, what is the problem the devs are trying to solve here? Did people complain about the existence of that temp file?


I still don’t understand why Topaz can’t add a command button that executes a few simple lines of code which captures an image of the previous frame just rendered, and then launch that image using the Windows default image viewer.


Attention! Attention! Do not install this update under any circumstances. They took away the ability to preview the image during processing. Now, until the next updates, this app is not usable. This is the first time I’m rolling back to the previous version 4.1.0


Not only this. If you reinstall the 4.1.0 version it takes hours to download all models again! :frowning:

Yes! I’ll be careful next time, given that the developers have no idea how people use their app.


Accidentally found the best way to fix video interlacing when the image is made up of stripes. You need to leave the value “Progressive” in the settings, and manually set all values to “0”. Proteus4 does it best. Significantly better than Dione and Iris!! See screenshot.


Hello everyone present on this resource!! I want to wish everyone health and good luck, everyone who communicates on this resource and contributes to the improvement of this wonderful program.
Especially the development team for their hard work and patience in improving and regular innovations that they bring to the Topaz program.

  1. I have a question!: Today I installed 4.1.1 for the sample, then took a piece for the 10 sec sample. and exported to the desktop (Apple M1). I didn’t touch the preview, but Topaz gave me a preview for 2 sec on my desktop. I exited the program, loaded it again and placed the same 10 sec piece of video into it. Topaz this time brought a normal 4K file with sound to my desktop. Proteus V4 worked very well. WHAT DID I DO WRONG? Why did the program show me a preview the first time?
  2. Now regarding the preview. I would like it to be possible to first make 10-20… previews from a long piece of video, from different places with different settings, for example on the desktop, then view all these files, select a video with the settings that suit me most and then Already press the global Export button and export this video completely. You can place a narrower “Export preview” button above the main Export button. Then it would be more clear what I am doing.
    P.S. I don’t need live preview. It’s much easier for me to evaluate the quality of the video by opening all these pieces of video, for example in QuickTime and then in Topaz clicking the main Export button to finally export the entire video file.
    Thank you all for your patience and understanding!!!