Topaz Video AI v4.0.8

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released December 19th, 2023

Changelog from 4.0.7

  • Added an Export Error Resolver that helps people automatically resolve export related errors.
    • When there is an export error, a dialog will pop up to assist in automatically resolving the error.
    • This will be specifically helpful for large batch processing related problems.
  • Added further support for batch processing.
  • Fix problems with non-square PAR related Image Sequence inputs.
  • Fix rotation not being respected for non-preview related views.
  • Fix many thumbnail related mismatches.
  • Fix timeline related bugginess surrounding Image Sequences.
  • Video Player now supports frame by frame seeking inside frame-interpolated previews.
  • Removed few-pixel-wide black overlay when in Comparison Mode.
  • Model Manager will now attempt download multiple times before reporting connection failure.

Known Issues

  • Inconsistent “Preview X frames” enable status.
  • Rotation w/ previews will intermittently be over-rotated.
  • Slow-motion playback intermittently inaccurate across two slow-motion previews.
  • Looping previews has a stutter.
  • Live preview has some frame de-sync.

    And where is the Proteus V4?

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    Still in testing :slight_smile:


    The preview is displaying correctly for PNG output. At least for Proteus. I cannot say the same for interpolation models. They look like the preview is just the original copied.
    Just an observation. It does not hinder me in any way.

    Preview button is partially covered by side menu if app is not maximized.

    proteus is really not bad in alpha, I really hope he doesn’t get worse :slight_smile:

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    Did I do something wrong? I downloaded all the models. I have 5129 models with 141 GB.

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    Finger crossed Topaz won’t break it in release :slight_smile:


    But, when will that release be? Then Christmas, New Year… Will they give us a gift?

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    Whatever happened to the initially much praised Apollo SR model? Noone ever heard anything about it after that one beta version (where it was broken).

    Was it that broken that it’s completely cancelled? Or just postboned?

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    but the annoying MAC preview bug isn´t fixed, I still get the app crashes during previews, rending the app nearly useless on mac. PLEASE FIX IT!!

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    Hi, I have a bug report for 4.08/Windows 11/RTX GPU.
    Is this the correct place to put them?
    The timeline looks to have a wider “minimum width” than the edit area.
    Reproduce by stretching main app window to minimum window width. You will see the timeline is overlapping with the settings column.


    Windows 11, GTX 3060, Video AI 4.0.8 –
    I’m trying to download all of the Models but (Frame Interpolation) Apollo & Apollo fast, and (Enhancement) Artemis - Aliasing or Moire… all show that they’ve successfully downloaded, but going back into the Model Manager they’re unchecked. I’ve tried restarting and updating, but it still shows “Model (22/25)” on my device. When I try to re-download them, they all download fine but fail to show as downloaded…

    Rolled back to 3.5 after the first major 4.0 update was released and have been holding onto it until I’ve seen some of the major issues with v4 are resolved. From what I’ve seen, its mostly been UI updates to improve the shit storm of broken features 4.0 brought. Glad to see live previews back. Can anyone tell me if its worth updating yet?

    On a side note, I think the main reason most of us are using TVAI, are the models. I’d rather see more emphasis on improving models than workflow/UI. Of course once UI features are broken, they need to be fixed, so understandable that’s a priority right now, but Topaz, please stop trying to make this thing a shiny, pro-looking, eye catcher and work on the AI engine. Sometimes less is more. Back to basics, please, and the fundamental reason we use this product.


    Yes. I’m willing to bet that you’re hardware only has the ability to use maybe a tenth of those models.

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    Speaking of models downloaded, installing v 4.0.8 and answering ‘yes’ to the “Remove Old Models?” prompt resulted an empty models folder. All gone. The lot. None of them ‘old models’. Unhelpful if you’ve previously downloaded all the models to allow offline working.

    The prompt wording needs to be improved if it’s removing all models, to make that clear.


    Many other tools out there for processing video, most of which are superior to Topaz. Trying to make this a one-size fits all application, wasn’t such a good idea after all. Putting all their energy and resources into AI/models should be their primary goal, while leaving the other processing tasks to other specialized tools. It started out that way in 2020, but it seems the application has evolved into a behemoth, with a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.


    Since 4.0.7 I have not reverted back to 3.5.4 despite that Iris and Protheus can look like Craquele when enhancing old noisy videos that have been digitized to mp4

    having said that Artemis and Gaya work and on Good Source Material from your mobile Iris is fine
    Not sure what Protheus 4.0 is intended perfect source material or lousy noisy stuff

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    100%. I started using it with the 2.0 release and the simplicity and purpose was singular. It was an almost idiot proof way to restore and enhance video with AI processing. It seems somewhere along the way, the vison and focus was diverted away from improving the AI modelling, into what basically equates to UI gift wrap. The selling point of this product is AI enhancement. We don’t need bells and whistles, we just need a simple way to enhance with better AI modeling. Leave the video editor workstation improvements to the big boys that excel at it and stick to what this was intiially intended to be, a simple, task free way to recover, restore and enhance video through AI technology.


    Has the upscaling processing time improved? That was one of the biggest drawbacks of v4+ vs 3.5.4. Processing time all but doubled when upscaling the same video at the same frame rate., which made it unusuable for me without the ability to pause/resume a process. What was taking an hour or less to upscale 480p to 1080p for an hour long video, was now taking 2 to 3 times that or more depending on the model. I was getting about 20-25FPS average with Iris v2, and it dropped to like 6-8FPS with v4.