Topaz Video AI v4.0.4 not “remembering” settings View 1 / View 2

I am NOT a fan of the View 1 / View 2 layout. I prefer to display the original on one side and my changes to the other. I typically set the left field to “Set as Original” then utilize the right side of the field to make changes and then make a visual comparison. However, since v4.0.3 the left side keeps changing to a random setting that I did NOT set, often “Proteus”. This happens consistently if I have two or more videos in the queue. I will select my first video. Set the View 1 to “Original”. I will set View 2 to the changes I have selected. I then go to the second video. Set View 1 to “Original”. I then set View 2 to the changes I have selected. I then go back to the first video and now View 1 is set to Proteus 1920x1080. WHY? If I WANTED it set for Proteus, I know how to push the correct buttons. I don’t WANT it set for Proteus or anything else. I want it set as original. So, I set it BACK to original just as I previously had it set and then select my second video and of course, the program has decided to set View 1 as Proteus 1920x1080.
My “Preset” is set to “None” so that is not the cause.

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I’d like some way to “lock” View 1 on Original so it can’t change unless I “unlock” it.

Make sure that the Comparison Mode is not turned on below the preview windows. Also if one of your windows gets switched you can right click and reset it to the original view.

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