Topaz Video AI v3.4.4 help for processing.original interlaced anamorphic lens video from 720x576 (1.07 to 1)

Hi, this is a great set of features and new ideas.
I am restoring a load of 720x486 interlaced 25 fps mini DV shot with a 16:9 anamorphic lens on the camera.
The option to resize correctly to 3840x 2160 within Topaz Video doesn’t seem to exist. The options given do not carry out the correct resize when de interlacing as part of the enhancement in order to create the 3840x2160 ‘square pixel’ correctly from the original 720x576 1.07 pixel aspect ratio when rescaling. Overall there are many significant improvements which are a delight to use.

Hi Tony,

We’re working on adding more options for anamorphic/non-square pixel videos to Video AI soon. For now, you could use a video encoding tool like Shutter Encoder to change the aspect ratio metadata of your DV files.

This method will retain the full quality of the original videos and will allow you to output widescreen 2160p from Video AI.

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