Topaz Video AI v3.4.3

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released September 5th, 2023


Changelog from 3.4.2

  • Adds MOV container option for FFV1 encoder.
  • Adds dynamic bitrate options for Apple Silicon computers.
  • Adds “Import” section to preferences and moves “Default Import File Type” to this section.
  • Adds preference for default FPS for image sequence import. Changing fps on an image sequence that has been imported will no longer be “sticky” - set your default here instead.
  • Fix for aspect ratio input to reset to Custom after applying reset or auto crop.

Known Issues:

  • Intel ARC is currently unsupported.
  • For Interlaced and Interlaced-Progressive videos, setting FPS back to Original may cause issues. To get around this, re-import the file. This only happens after manually changing the FPS.
  • Videos with mismatched metadata and streams will display incorrect duration
  • Frame number preview length may shorten on app restart

Eric beat me to 1st like, but I defer to the CEO on this one! :grin:

Tip: Apple Silicon Users on MacOS Sonoma Beta still should start this app in Rosetta emulation when they want to use Iris - as otherwise this model is heavily broken for 1x and 2x.

(Unfortunately running in Rosetta also seems to break dynamic bitrate).

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What happened to the speed improvement for Iris on AppleSilicon that was introduced in the 3.4.0 alpha versions?
Just did a test with the same settings, Iris 2x upscale SD->HD:

  • roughly 28 fps
  • 3.4.3 release version: about 13 fps
  • 3.3.2: nearly 15 fps

And I don’t see a difference quality wise…


I find updating your graphics card drivers reduces performance, I installed an older driver and gained 25% speeds.
Perhaps the drivers changed between the screenshots and it affected the speeds, just an idea.

Nope. Those three tests were done immediately after each other.

Besides there’s not really such a thing as updating gfx card drivers on the Mac.


Is in the Iris v2 included? I guess not but I will ask to be sure. :slight_smile:

That’s a good point. I didn’t think of that haha.

Preview always Fails on any upscale options. Mac Studio M2 Ultra. I had this happen before when I transitioned from Intel Mac to Apple Silicon, and I did a clean install to resolve it. But installing either the DMG or PKG is not resolving the error now. How do I fix this?

Hi, versions 3.4.3 and do not give the same image quality, I notice some artifacts on the boat above the hand in version 3.4.3. Other than that, the quality doesn’t seem to change. Beta therefore gives better results

No Iris V2 and no Nyx in this version.


Can you please send us your logs? and we can take a look at this. I will DM you for logs!

I noticed you are using Iris in the screenshot. The beta is using Iris v2 so that is probably why you are seeing a difference. Good to see that it is giving you better results!


To actually! I thought it was iris v2 in 3.4.3 That explains everything then :wink: in any case I noticed much better results with iris v2, especially on temporal smoothing, in fact it seems better to me on moving sequences.

that is expected as it is not the same Iris model between the Beta version and the release version. (iris v1 vs. Iris v2)


Just updated to V3,4,3 and have noticed something off the bat. Noise reduction seems to have disappeared. My presets all deliver sharper results but without the excellent noise reduction of previous models. I tried manual and no difference. No removal of noise artifacts whatsoever. I’m repairing old film. Is anybody else experiencing this?

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Yes I hadn’t paid attention to that. In any case, this version v2 greatly improves the results. For my videos, I have enough restored details that look much finer than original with effects with vegas pro on top. I still have one small thing to correct, it’s the temporal denoising, sometimes a little too strong on fast movements but I have to review my qtgmc parameters and suddenly, the iris parameters afterwards. This is my link to one of my photo albums on Facebook. I compared some images on my last settings. Overall, it is hardly noticeable that some details may be missing on fast movements due to the fact that a lot of details are restored. And we see it if we compare the playback of the two videos being played at the same time. But playing the original and then the enhanced video in a row, you can’t really see the lack of detail.


after several go’s, I found that the Reduce Jittery motions setting in the Stabilization module appears to be the setting which removes noise

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I noticed the Aspect Ratio option either does Letterbox/Pillarbox or “crops to fill”. Is there a way to rescale the “wrongly aspected” video in VEAI?
For example, I see a video being hardcoded into 4:3, without any letterboxing, but in reality, it should be 16:9, and I’d like VEAI to have an option to fix this and rescale into, let’s say, 1080p, while at it. And if there’s a letterboxing in the source video - be able to crop it manually (or maybe auto, like in Handbrake?) and rescale into 16:9. :slight_smile:

Now here’s a cheeky question. How do I get the beta? :wink: